Friday, October 03, 2008


I really don't like myself today for not able to be willing to wait patiently. I know, for the most parts, I have gotta take some times and see how things are going to turn out. Just like a classic advice; "only time can/ will tell".

Nope, that classic crap doesn't apply to many things on my mind today, and actually doesn't seem to fit well in many aspects of my life lately. It's so freaking frustrating and constantly driving me nuts! I mean, at some points, I feel, my anxiety is hitting the roof top; leaving me feeling like shit (excuse my language). It's not a so called *down* feeling, but more of a stupid obsession kinda thing. Hard to explain. That kinda feeling of wanting to speed-things-up-a-little-so-I-don't-waste-my-time feeling is making me hot inside. It's weird. I seem to get that a lot lately.

So I think I need to start spending more time alone; sorting things out. Maybe this is just me or something that I do that causes this crap. Maybe I shouldn't raise expectation or not having any expectation to start with. Maybe I should start thinking about me more and concentrate on today only.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obsession Continues.......

Here comes my tattoo obsession. I remember having one several years ago. After I finally got my first tatto, the obsession was fading. It was so satisfying to finally get something I had been obsessing over for a long time. It's like an accomplishment.

I never regret having that first tattoo done. I love everything about it.

The same obsession has returned. I will let my obsession getting bigger and bigger and eventually sinking in. I know what I want, just not sure where to have them.

Until then, I will continue to be obsessive....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weird People or Are they just people who are different

I use the term *weird* very loosely. This is weird. This dish tastes weird. The building has weird shape. This person is weird.

"Weird people" They make me think.....what is weird? What are weird people and what did they do to be titled *weird*.

Weirdness varies. I think. Maybe being weird is just doing things differently than majority of people. Maybe this is weird if most people prefer wearing flip-flops in the summer and you are wearing winter boots. Maybe it is weird if most people like their steak medium and you get it well-done. Being different. Does that make you weird just because you don't go by the flow? Does that make you a weirdo if you think paler skin is more attractive than tanned? Does that make you strange if you hate Mexican food when the rest of America loving it? What is weird?

Are you being weird? or you are just different than others?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Bushido

Meaning "Way of the Warrior"--is a Japanese Code of Conduct and a way of the samurai life.Seven virtues of Bushido are below:


I find it very reasonable to follow the Bushido and practice them as a part of my lifestyle. I guess I just want to share.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gas Price

I heard that gas price will be going up to $4.99 a gallon some times pretty soon. My thoughts are:

1) WTF!!!!!
2) Biking will be a great exercise (plus save $ too).
3) What was I thinking buying a car that eats gas like a freaking gas pipe! 17 miles a gallon!!!?? I didn't even think about that when I saw its sunroof, 6-disc CD player, leather seats and all those craps.
4) I've just pumped $50 in gas on this past freaking Saturday for an almost full tank, but here it is Monday morning, another $40 spent on halfa tank. WTF!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Unexplainable Weird Things

As I've mentioned in a few blogs ago, weird things seem to pop up here and there in my life. It's just simply odd.

This past week, there was another thing happening to me. As much as I want it so badly to share this experience, I'm afraid it'd be way too graphic to explain. I just wanna throw it out there. Let me make up my mind first. Once I think it through how to put them in words, I will start sharing.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thrill of the Chase

There is really SOMETHING *thrilling* about stuff that is hard to obtain--the harder, the better...the more challenging in a good way.

I don't think I need that in my life at this time. It's just not too healthy for me. What I really need is something that is easier to get and that I need to learn to appreciate what I have in general. I think I need to learn how to really kick back and relax and have the see-what-happens mentality. My mother's always thought me to be patient and to believe that if something is mine, it will always be mine without even trying. If something doesn't mean to be mine, I can try as hard as I can, but it's still not mine. I believe that. I want to be able to adapt that to my lifestyle. I think that is good for me.

Reality is, my ass is always doing the exact opposite. WTF. Anything that is there for me, I tell myself it can wait. I pretty much take it for granted. Anything that is not though, man, I pursue that aggressively. How do I change that? It can be tiring.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I self diagnosed myself last night and am almost sure I have some kind of obsessive compulsive disorders. I guess I've always had certain characteristics for that, but never really put too much thoughts into it until last night.

Man....I had had a blast just thinking about it! I didn't. I don't. I wont have a blast.

Obsessive thoughts are the worst I think. Struggling to control my actions as a consequence from my thoughts is horrible. There is something called *temptation* that is waiting by the door.

Thoughts.......temptation......self control? then....outcomes. self control...then.....bad things.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Jersey

Imagine how much money Reebox makes selling licensed jersey alone each season....?

I bought another jersey this year--# 44 Dallas Clark. It's blue for home games. $80 something later, I walked out of Dick's feeling really dumb. What make me spend $80 freaking dollar on a nylon easy-to-put-together jersey like that? Wow...I did feel a matter of fact, I've been feeling dumb until today. Yup, I spent that on number 44 and that the thing that said *authorized NFL license; Reebox*.

Then on Sunday, it was the Colts first home game at its brand new Lucas Oil Stadium. Now, I don't feel as dumb anymore. Apparently, if I am, I have so many friends wearing white and blue being dumb with me.

It's the football season, I guess I better start forgetting about the price tag......

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Least Expected Thing

I've actually seen this happens here and there. You know when you are really expecting something or trying very hard to search for an answer, you don't seem to accomplish or not soon enough. When you don't expect it, not even thinking about it, or have already moved on, things have been answered unexpectedly.

There is this one particular person I have long forgotten. Today, randomly, he shows up. I'm not saying this is a good or a bad thing, but it happens out of the blue. I'm thrill to see him again, but at the same time, it brings back certain feelings, which is not always a good thing.

Have you ever thought what's the point of all these? Life is just getting more interesting everyday.

Is this fate? or is it just life in general?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pure Frustration

I have been so pissed off today on something I have ZERO control over.

So a month or so ago, the company I work for has been merging with another one. Problem is all the PTO (paid time off) I have collected, they said they were going to pay it off, cut me a check blah blah blah. My first piss-off is...I didn't even ask for it. Vacation is another thing money can't buy. Money can buy you a nice vacation, but vacation will not happen without PTO. See, now you know how I feel about losing my PTO.

Anyhow, I have over 100 hours of PTO, which is equal about $3000. It sounds pretty nice at first to have a big chunk of money coming my way, but heck, I realized a week or so that this check is taxable.

So receiving the check is morning is really painful. I will not be able to get over this for a while. $700 taken out? WTF!!!!! I could have used that for a little vacation time!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weird Week

These past two weeks have been weird.....very weird.

Weird # 1 There was a fire at my apartment on August 7th. This drunk dude on the third floor decided to set his t-shirt on fire. As a result, everybody had to evaculate. Two rooms on the second floors were ruined. I got lucky, my apartment is almost untouched. But see, since there are some leaking on the third floor, my landlord put five industrial fans in my cribs. Very annoying.

Weird # 2 People. I have met a few weird/ confused people in the past two weeks. Normally this doesn't happen to me a whole lot, but for some odd reasons, I guess I hit the jackpot in the past two weeks.

Weird # 3 As much as I think motorcycle is dangerous, I got on one today. It reminds me so much of what adrenerine is and how much fun it can be to just go fast regardless. I wore the helmet tight so that if something ever happened, all my brain will be in the same place, LOL.

Weird # 4 I used to hate texting. *used to* I used to think texting is such as weird hobby and wondered why people don't just call each other. Now I'm a texting junkie. I even got an unlimited texing on my phone over the weekend....very weird.

There are a few other weird stuff going on. I wonder what's up with my life?!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Beautiful Ad

I think this print ad is beautiful. I also think the designs on the Grey Goose bottles are stunning and very inviting. The vodka itself probably doesn't cost much, but we all consumers pay for these eye candies.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Tired Saturday

I will feel like craps for the rest of the day--I already know from the feeling I had when I first got up this morning.

Went to Lulu's--a northside lounge--last night; being up until 4 in the morning. Three hours later, I dragged myself out to go to work. What a miserable life I have.....working on Saturday once again. Speaking of last night, I dressed down big BIG time for the spot. I literally wear a granny skirt (for comfy purposes) with a shirt and a flip-flop. When I got there, I knew I was unforgivably off. Definitely not a place to dress down because people may think you are picnicing. All I needed last night was a wooden basket filled with muffin, then I would have been completed as a picnic lady.

I will have a get together with a friend from work tonight. Not too sure how I will make it. Maybe a nap or so later on will do.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


After a few drinks, this is what happened a couple of weeks ago. From left G-Lo, Me, Marsha and Jen--a night out at a lived Blues and Jazz bar--the Slippery Noodles in downtown Indianapolis.

After that visit, I went there over and over. Aside from the fact that this bar located across the parking lot from my apartment, the music is awesome!.

It must be the age. I tend to enjoy lived music bar where I can sit back and relax over those crowded dance pubs.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I don't usually take risks. From my experiences, risks come with prices--some are good, some are bad. Whenever I take a risk, it usually ends badly.

Recently, there have been a few changes in my life. Job has been modified. I will be moving into a new apartment. My brother is coming to the US so soon. I have been thinking about returning to Thailand for good. Most importantly, one of the very few most important persons in my life will no longer fits well in this category. For whatever reason, years ago I have taken this risk and now it does not end up where I thought it would be.

At the same time, there is a new event occurred in my life--very randomly. I've never considered myself a risk taker, but now I wonder if I should.

There is a difference between *want* and *need*....a big difference.

Do I take this shot?

or do I just simply avoid the price that comes with risks by walking away now?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

True Love

I believe most of us are blind and are more selfish when we are in love. When we are loving somebody, we want all of them. We want another person to be who we want them to be, we want them to act certain ways and ultimately, to love us as much as we love them. We are upset and disappointed when things don't go certain ways. Many times, we rely on another person way too much and having expectations that are not approachable.

Is it really practical?

I took a philosophy class when I was back in college. The professor talked about love. What is love? and what about unconditional love?

He says, true love must be unconditional. Love with no expectations. Love with feeling that we don't need anything in return. The true love is a feeling that we should be happy; simply just because the one you love is happy. True love does not expect ownership. True love is giving, regardless. True love is forgiving. We don't need to have another person to be ours to love them.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

10 Thoughts of Life by Me # 1

1) Treat people with respect and they will give you the same.
2) What goes around, comes around. It's just a matter of time.
3) When you treat people like shit, they will probably do the same to you.
4) Nobody can dictate how you are going to run your life, if you don't want them around, just tell them.
5) Family should be the most important thing in your life because at the end of the day, nobody really gives a shit about you except your own family.
6) Don't take loved ones for granted, they will eventually give up on you.
7) People who bitch, nag and complain at you are those who actually care.
8) If you care about someone, don't lose their trust. Once the trust is broken, it takes a long time to earn it back and you don't even know whether you will be able to earn it back EVER.
9) White lies are at times essential. It's just if you need to use one, make sure it is for a good cause.
10) You can make mistakes and many of them. You just need to be able to suck it up and learn from your mistakes.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Doggy Obsession

For over the years, I've always wanted a dog and the only reason I don't have one yet because I just want to make sure I don't turn to be that kind of people I hate--those that buy a dog and are unable to commit the it. All puppies are cute, but I do not want the cuteness to blind my judgement, so I'm still thinking. Since I've been thinking, now it turns to be my obsession. I happen to prefer bigger dogs, so I need to think a little harder I guess since I don't own a house. So space is an issue. In response to my obsession, in the next few days, I will be posting pictures of dogs I consider. A few of them.

Photos: Bernese Mountain Dogs

Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to Photograph a New Puppy

English Mastiff

Gold Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Remove film from box and load camera.
Remove film box from puppy's mouth and throw in trash.
Remove puppy from trash and brush coffee grounds from muzzle.
Choose a suitable background for photo. Mount camera on tripod and focus.
Find puppy and take dirty sock from mouth. Place puppy in pre-focused spot and return to camera.
Forget about spot and crawl after puppy on knees. Focus with one hand and fend off puppy with other hand.
Get tissue and clean nose print from lens.
Take flash cube from puppy's mouth and throw in trash.
Put cat outside and put peroxide on the scratch on puppy's nose.
Put magazines back on coffee table.
Try to get puppy's attention by squeaking toy over your head.
Replace your glasses and check camera for damage.
Jump up in time to grab puppy by scruff of neck and say, "No, outside! No, outside!"
Clean up mess. Fix a drink. Sit back in chair with drink and resolve to teach puppy "sit" and "stay" the first thing in the morning.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Something to Ponder about

Oh yes, it's here. Indianapolis residents finally pay over $4 per gallon of unleaded. I spoke with a friend of my mom who lives in Chicago a few weeks ago, and the Chi town folks have already been paying at this price all along. It's our turn. Funny. There isn't really nothing we can do about it. I wonder how high it will go. I heard it will hit $5 by the 4th of July and $7 by Christmas.

(Photo by Matt Kryger/ The Star)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Thailand Trip

Once again, I'm planning a trip back to visit Thailand. Last year when I went there, I was planning to at least visit Thailand at least twice a year, so that I don't miss too much of actions. I've been really missing home lately, so it's about time.

The thing is; I ultimately really want to go home for good--to find a job, live and spend time with my family as much as possible. This is one area that I'm sure any foreigner (I consider myself a full-blooded Thai) living overseas will definitely agree with me, the worst side of living overseas alone is having the rest of family back home wherever you home country is (though this applies to those who are close to family and have good life back home.) Many tell me I need to just suck it up if I've decided to live outside my mother's land.

Anyhow, once again, another trip back to Thailand has been largely planned. I'm thinking about late August and will be there for at least a month. I start to think that after this trip, whatever happens, it will make more sense to leave the US during one of those cold months since I hate it so much, instead of leaving during one of the nicest.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium

This bird-eye-view picture shows the RCA Dome on the right hand (yes, that big fluffy white stuff) and the Colt's new many millions dollars Lucas Oil Stadium in the middle of the picture. Please note that this picture is not current. I hope that this weekend I will be able to drag myself a few blocks from my apartment to take a picture or two of the almost-finish stadium. It's almost completed--supposed to be ready for the first game this season. I'm very excited.

I guess this new stadium will pay Indianapolis off as the city will host the Super Bowl in 2012. Four years from now I guess. Can you imagine fans from all over the country fly to Indianapolis for their vacation (or fun time) in February in the middle of nowhere where the average temperature is near freezing (glass half full), well let me say this again, when the temperature is below zero. I'm not trying to be negative here since this should be a great thing for the city, but who want to have fun and it's freezing out. Think, if Super Bowl is held in Florida. Think, when Super Bowl is held in Indy. I just don't get it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coming back

I realize my blog has been looking pretty pitiful in the past months. With lots of things going on, work wise, I barely have that kind of time to update my blog. You know 'that' kind of time when I know I want to document my life somewhere. Memorial Day weekend in Indy is more of a race weekend. Tons of Indy 500 fans are in town this week for the race tomorrow. I really don't care much about the race--bunch of loud noise, RVs and drunks, though the parade makes the town kind of festive in a way. What a shame is that I have moved to downtown where my apartment is a walking distance from where the parade was taken place, but didn't even make an attempt to attend it. The most shameful moment of my life comes to the fact that I once again missed a chance to see 'Slash' in person. *sign*
Photos courtesy: the Indianapolis Star

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Food show

I really enjoy Andrew Zimmern's Bizaar Food on Travel channel. The guy does a good job when it comes to an eating/ traveling show. This guy eats pretty much anything--beating frog's heat, stinky tofu, donkey's tail..etc. The weirdest crap I never thought anybody would want to eat, he eats them all. BUT the funny thing is, he just cannot stand Durian.

Durians. I actually know many people who aren't a big fan of the fruit either. I feel, Durians have weird smell, but heck, it's just a fruit after all. Andrew just cannot handle it. Why?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Crib, New View

Well well well.
With this cheap point-and-shoot camera I have, here is a view from my bedroom window (remember, I have moved!)

I'm not trying to brag about it, but this picture is not a good angle of downtown Indy. What you see in an old ass train track next to a parking garage. As I've mentioned earlier, I'm blaming it on the camera I have (think 5 bucks Walmart disposal camera). I couldn't do wide angle, so basically you cannot see Pacers arena (which is a bit to the right of this frame) and the RCA Dome (old Colts stadium) a bit to the left and Lucus Oil Stadium (new Colts stadium) a bit next to RCA. This is sad. I guess next time I should try with a *real* camera.

Anyhow, I do miss my 'burb lifestyle a bit since I move downtown. Things ain't the same if you know what I mean. No Target next door, which is a huge deal (well....that's it. Target takes up about 90% why I miss suburban living.)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Copyrights Matter

Sorry.....Jabbawockeez clip from YouTube I'd posted earlier is no longer because of the copyrights stuff from MTV. I think the company that manage copyrights for MTV has claimed their entity of all *best dance crew* clips aired on MTV.....

Can't blame them, but it is kind of weird since these clips have been posted on YouTube since forever.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


It is a bit of an embarrasment really to admit how much I love this crew. Watch them.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Reason

I hate driving in snow (yep, new year, new attitude. I dislike snow, but not hating it). But I hate driving in snow.

The reason is clearly explained on the left side of this blog.

.....I figure, if I drive snow, I shouldn't be that bad. I mean, what's the worst that can happen?

BUT there are always some idiots driving in full speed hurry up

and those who won't leave you any f__king space.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Computer position

So here's why.

I've been thinking the reason I've been gone for a long while from blogging is because of my recent move and all, but see, I've come to a conclusion that moving is just a part of it. I break it down and here is what I've discovered:

1) Laziness (same laziness as wanting to work out more, but use classic excuse "I don't have time to work out) lame, lame, lame. So this part is about 20%
2) Move (I didn't have an internet connection at home for about 2 weeks or so.) 40%
3) New computer location 40%

Let me explain more about my new computer location. At my old joint, I permanently keep my laptop on a coffee table located between my television and my favorite couch. So when I watch TV, I can also be online and do whatever. I spend most of my blogging and serving at this spot. When my back starts aching, I lift the laptop up and lay it on my lab while I can sit back. When my eyes are tired of staring at the computer screen I watch TV. I can basically lay on my couch, watch TV and blog all at the same time without steping out of the area.

It different now. At my new place, I don't station my computer in front of the TV. I put it on the dining table, which (theorically, is a better location and is healthier for my back because I have to sit up) is further from TV and the dining room chair is nothing near comfortable comparing with my fav couch (it's comfortable, but I can't really lay on my dining room chair if you know what I mean.) I have tried to get myself to sit at my new spot for a lenght of time, but it's just not happening.

So that's why I've not been a regular blogging here (not saying I won't be, but kind of explaining myself a bit of why I have been gone for a while.)

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Absence

It's been three weeks of my absence. I've been moving.

and because of this very reason, I have not been online at all at home (and at work has been out of the question; I have barely had my lunch break). Cable company I used at the old apartment doesn't provide services here in downtown. The new cable company (which I usually get internet access through cable company) cannot come to set up systems at my new place until...well...yesterday.

So here you have it. I hope to be able to get back to my routine pretty soon.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I'm tired all the time. As my birthday approaching, I feel like an old lady.

Lifestyle I'm leading is not good enough I guess. Speaking of this, I'm going to sound like an old lady to y'all, but here it goes. I used to be like...drinking, partying, eating lots of junks, intaking 'substances' I guess those-who-wish-to-live-longer woouldn't and so on, and yet I felt fine. I could feel lots of energy in my bones and body. No problem. Of course, that time was when I was between 17-24. Ancient stories.

.................Now, as I'm approaching 30 plus 1 (nope, I refuse to spell it out!) I rarely drink (because of medications I'm taking; forbidding me to), eat fairly little better, and no longer try weird substances. I feel like crap. I feel like I'm borrowing a 50-year-old-lady body. I wonder why.

Then I think about what I did a few months ago (okay, okay, 7 months ago) that have actually made me feel great. Spin class.

Spin class, exercise, whatever. What a great class! What a great exercise! I definitely need to move my ass to the gym to boost up some energy. The gym membership I have been paying every month (and I can count with my fingers how many times I've visited the place.)

Friday, January 18, 2008


I come across a clip taped at a slaughter house (mainly for cows) this evening. It's very disturbing.

Watching this kind of video gets me every single time. I start feeling bad and very inhumane for eating things with a face. It's very crual.

I guess over the years, I have eaten less and less dark meats. The reason isn't really because what I've pondered above, but for some reasons, I haven't felt like eating a lot of them. I think I prefer chicken and fish. And then I'm thinking, maybe I should really try to cut down. I usually don't eat any meat or dairy products two days a week. I guess I should consider increasing the days.

I really don't think we need to eat any meat, really. Human's teeth aren't really made for animal meat really. I've heard some research on this in the past--human are not meat eaters. So, Why do we eat meat?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting by in the Winter

Every year, I have this conversation with myself of how much I hate winter and what I should do to keep myself as happy as possible in winter.

I've become such a big fan of weather channel, which no, I don't do much of television, but op for ones via various website. They're updated pretty often. Although I can really do absolutely NOTHING to change a thing about weather in the upcoming day, I guess, it's comfort to be able to plan ahead.

This year, I've come to terms. I finally get to the bottom of my hatre of winter. It comes down to the chain reactions of the followings:
1) Winter makes driving a suicidal action.
2) Winter makes me haand I have to drag myself out of bed and start my car every single morning!
3) Winter makes me have to lose hours of sleep each week because of what've been mentioned above plus spare time to drive to my destination.
4) Winter makes me have to labor myself scraping brutal/cold ice out of my car. My hands are freezing cold!!!

That's all I can think of right now (and I haven't even come close to mentioning many little annoying things like higher electric bill.....)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chili Experiment

I'd never thought making Chili is such a joy until I've discovered the taste of a good bowl of Chili myself. The thing is, I love everything slow-cooked. I love saute-and-let-it-sit kind of cooking; from Chicken-n-Noodle to Stew; from Pot Pie to Pot Roast. And here, Chili; is how I make it.

Easy Chili-----I use:

2-3 pound of ground beef/ chunk
1 very large onion or 5 small onions
1 very large green pepper
1 can of stew tomato
1 can of fire-roasted diced tomato
1 can of tomato sauce
onion power
garlic powder
sea salt
beef broth to taste
Chili mix

I know. I use Chili mix--not too pround of it, but for a beginner like me, so I guess I have to start somewhere. I though look at the package. I think next time I will make my own without the seasoning mix. I think I have to buy---chili powder, ground cumin, cayanne pepper powder and dried oregano.

I also let my pot of Chili cook on low for....em....forever. What I've discovered from my last attempt is that Chili tastes even much better the following day!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Family Doctor

I didn't know until a few years after I came to the US that there is actually such thing as 'Family Doctor.' I remember someone at a hospital in Muncie had asked me for the name of 'my doctor.' My answer that day was, "huh, what did you say again?"
Anyway, in the past year, I found one. I actually got a referal from a close former co-worker recommending me to see Dr. Stine. I checked with my insurance and he is in my network. I'm also lucky his office is right across the street from my apartment. Since then, I've been seeing him on a regular basis for things here and there, that I don't think I need to see an ENT for it. If I have to name a benefit of having a family doctor, it will be---I no longer have to make months worth in advance to see him when I need a professional opinion on things. This may sound weird, but I really do enjoy seeing a doctor--in general. I think co-payments are worth giving me a peace of mind. I also enjoy the idea of having an expert offers me their opinion. Take a year or so ago as an example, I had an ear surgery due to a few appointments made with a few doctors. I think medical advises give me a better idea of how I should take care of myself.
Dr.Stine is great. I'm lucky for finding him in the first place anyway. He runs his practice with his wife and another intern, so imagine that. I think the best thing about him is that he does take a lot of time with patients, listen and does offer easy-to-understand advises and explaination. I can't even word how great this doctor is (maybe I should dedicate the whole blog writing about him), but he is probably one of the best doctor out there.
Anyhow, my friends, if you have not yet had a family doctor, find one. See one on a regular basis is a good idea. As I age, I'm aware I do sound like an old lady, but I think it's important to treat your body the way it deserves and just like a car, our body needs regular maintanance.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Downtown Living

I'm moving to downtown Indianapolis at the end of my lease (the end of this month). The funny thing is that, after analyzing myself over and over, I'm really not a downtowner (even though I believed throughout my life I loved living in the city). I think when one lives in downtown, they need to take advantage of the stuff downtown has to offer, say, mall shopping, bars hopping, sport events etc. Why? Why pay more to live in downtown if you don't even care about all these excitements?

In the past three years, I have been living in the 'burb' with easy access to highways (when highways are easy to be accessed, I'm pretty much close to anything really). The cheesy 'burb' lifestyle is more laid back, quieter and offers less traffice. It gives you a chilled environment downtown cannot offer. Downtown Indianapolis is not bad though. It is actually really close to where I work. Downtown Indianapolis can be jammed if there are events. Both Colts Stadiums and Pacers Arena are both in the heart of downtown. There are a large mall, hotels, bookstores, bars and bunch of restaurants. So it can get pretty crowded here and there. But it's not bad.

But when I first saw the loft-style apartment where I will be moving in, I felt very much in love with it. High ceiling, lots of living areas and the complex seems to be pretty safe. So here I am going. I'm pretty anxious about it really. I guess I can get really creative with the loft-style apartment. Once I take some pictures inside, I will share them here.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008/ 2551---Year of Rat

Another New Year. January reminds me of my birthday. This year I'm once again getting older. I will be 31 in 29 days.

The day opens up with windy snowey all day long. Temperature must have been staying below 20 all day and as I'm writing this, it drops to 18 degrees, but feels like 5 according to weather channel. This time of the year, I wonder, what I'm doing in such a bitterly cold weather like this.

I hope this new year will bring lots of excitements and good stuff. My resolutions are carried on from my last years--lose weights and exercise more (It is such a comfort knowing many out there share the same resolutions as mine. Gym will be a crowded place in the next few weeks. Weight loss after the holidays I guess.)