Monday, April 30, 2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tattoo--Do you love it?

I do.

Just recently, I have a debate (actually, multiple ones) about why people get a tattoo (or make it plurals.) A co-worker expresses that he never understands why some people (including me) think tattoos are cool. He thinks they are inappropriate (well, he actually uses the word, "gross" and "disgusting" lol.) and sees nothing close to become an art. Another co-worker said tattoos are an absolute "uncool" and look definitely horrible, especially on girls/ women. The worst location to have a tattoo goes to where it is visible, say, neck, arms, feet, etc, according to them.

As a proud tattoo owner, I really disagree with the comment. But since I'm a monitority in the room full of tattoo haters, I shall listen. I say, using a phrase like, "tattoos are cool" makes tattoo owners feel less professional and/ or lack of passion for an art on skin. Tattoo is permanet as we all know it and as of me, it took me over 5 years to actually walk myself up to a tattoo place to get one done. Ever since, I'm a proud owner--love every minute of having it on me. Though I don't really walk around and tell people I have one until they ask. Not because I'm ashame to admit I have one, not because I'm afraid to be judged. But my main reason to get a tattoo is to please myself and I'm damn sure pleased for a little over 6 years now. I believe tattoo is a form of art and if it makes its owner feel good about it, then it's "cool." Though, if some dumb kids getting a tattoo while being drunk or just because they look at having one is a fashion, then, I feel bad for you.

A process of obtaining a tattoo is pretty painful to me--it's by far the worst of self-injuries. This is exactly why I still have not gotten a second done. Call me a wuss, but man! I still remember every minute of my moment years ago.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just when I thought I was a bad driver.

Just when I thank God I'm not driving in Bangkok, some incidents like this happens:
  1. Some slow dumbasses are driving on a fast lane.
  2. Some idiots with "no" driving skills are on the phone. Again, no skills.
  3. Some bastards think they build the road out of their pockets.
  4. Some that can't keep up with highway speeds, but love to be on one. There is something we call, local roads.
  5. They are just......................................
Can never complain enough about bad drivers--they are all over the place, all ages and genders. But the type that never fails to throw me off is those dumbs who just cut right in front of you then decides to immediately slow down. This daydreaming has come to my mind a lot where I wish I was driving a hummer and just smash right up their ass!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The King

So I've voted for the King of Thailand today.

There is a comment section on Time website for voters to express why they've picked who. I thought for a second and that I did not leave a comment--my reasons are in my head, my feelings. I really can't express them through words. Man....this makes me wonder, how the hell did I graduate from a journalism school, hahaha.

Similar to other Thais I think. We have got so much to say, but don't really know where to begin. The King has been influent our country for so long and he offers extremely positive and warm reinforcement through his actions to the country and how people view himself as a whole. It is so funny though because the Time website has mentioned about how he is not so much known outside Thailand, but really, does it really matter?

I think when you act as a positive role model and mentor to people in your own home, you do not need to be known world wide. Like I've always believed, it is bigger for a person who being a rock for his or her own family BEFORE stepping outside trying to be one for others. He is the one who makes me strong believes in monarchy when it is ran a proper way--just like the way he has been doing in the past decades. Especially when I look at other problems world wide. We believe we are very blessed.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Love the Rottweiler. Besides cuteness as a young pup and muscular cool-looking adult, I love their attitude--love the family, royal, territorial, aggressive, intimidating and sporty. As a person who rent an apartment, I can't picture myself with a Rottweiler just yet--not now. I really can't see this dog in a one-bedroom and since my apartment complex tanents seem to have these little midget lap dogs running everywhere, I still don't see any compatability in this neighborhood.

I've done some serious research on this breed for quite a while now since, well, I want one bad. But for sure, I am not ready yet to have a large dog around. Again, the reason behind it is "space." Growing up, I've never really like small dogs--those cute/ canine wannabes. They are extremely annoying. My ideal dog has to be a dog, not a doll. A friend I can play with, wrestle with and a friend who can guard me. Love the Rottweiler!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Thai Rapper

I used to think Thai language is not a type of language that can be adapted into rap/ hip-hop music. Still now, I still think Thai sounds a little awkward in hiphop rhythm.
The best one I can think of is Joey Boy--long time rapping devotee. I've seen many groups (think MAF, Bazoo) that have come out with some hip hop senses, but don't go as far. Thai market always welcomes new waves and Thai consumers, especially teens, will usually support anything new, hip and MTV-ish sounds. But this kind of short-term support usually doesn't last long. Soon, these rappers wannabe start to fade away. Out of all, Joey Boy still stands.
Recently I saw his MV in Youtube "Rai-Gor-Ruk"--a more slow, less hip hop version of his music (see previous post.) Love every bit of it--lyrics, rhythm and Joey. Good point he's made there.
Wish temperature in Thailand ain't that hot. If that would ever happen, it'd have done some of these guys a favors as far as clothing.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


The cool stuff

Found this cool site to read my personalities through pictures. Here is what I've got out of it.


A few weeks back, a 14-year-old girl was abducted from a bus stop and raped at an empty house in the neighborhood in the dawn by we-don't-know-who-yet. It makes a HUGE deal in Indianapolis where this kind of crap does not happen on a regular basis (well as far as public knows.)

Now, I can rave about how sad and terrible this news is and how that rapist was born as an animal and so on for days, but my point is (and that I've shared my thought in a community online board just so you know): if you are going to prevent it, what should we do besides classic stuff like walking your daughters to the bus stop, enforce neighborhood watch....list goes on?

I just think the "law" should have been more severe, more uncivilize. If throwing people in jail doesn't do any good, maybe we should have had it written somewhere where the panalty aka consequences are severely uncivilized, say, once you catch the bad guy, throw him or her in the community. Let the guy do his term there. Let the community beat him up really don't wanna say it, but bet, that'd work (and here is where I see a reminder for myself to find an anger management class, lol.)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is why

This is why I want to move.Yesterday, we were high at around 70s, today? We are as low as 30s and looking to get colder at night and yup! tomorrow. See, I don't dislike Indianapolis. I love the city--the way of life around here--not too hillbilly, not too city, something just right in between. But heck! I hate this roller coaster weather where I don't even know how the hell I'm supposed to dress appropriately! It's become so hard to me to say something like, "I'm so glad it's spring!" or "Wow, we've finally moved forward to a warm/ nice/ sunny temperature!" when I don't even know if this "nice" weather is gonna end.

I talked to my sister yesterday and she was complaining about the super hot weather in Thailand. She said she'd rather have it so cold like here in April. Well, I'm not so sure I agree with that. I remember when I lived back in Thailand, well yeah, I complained about how hot it was and how the heat was going to kill me and all, but all of those complains usually go away when I step into an AC room (which is everywhere.) Man, I was so pissed this morning when I had to dig through all my winter coats and sweaters out of my already-packed winter stashes. I thought I wouldn't have to see them again until November!