Friday, January 04, 2008

Downtown Living

I'm moving to downtown Indianapolis at the end of my lease (the end of this month). The funny thing is that, after analyzing myself over and over, I'm really not a downtowner (even though I believed throughout my life I loved living in the city). I think when one lives in downtown, they need to take advantage of the stuff downtown has to offer, say, mall shopping, bars hopping, sport events etc. Why? Why pay more to live in downtown if you don't even care about all these excitements?

In the past three years, I have been living in the 'burb' with easy access to highways (when highways are easy to be accessed, I'm pretty much close to anything really). The cheesy 'burb' lifestyle is more laid back, quieter and offers less traffice. It gives you a chilled environment downtown cannot offer. Downtown Indianapolis is not bad though. It is actually really close to where I work. Downtown Indianapolis can be jammed if there are events. Both Colts Stadiums and Pacers Arena are both in the heart of downtown. There are a large mall, hotels, bookstores, bars and bunch of restaurants. So it can get pretty crowded here and there. But it's not bad.

But when I first saw the loft-style apartment where I will be moving in, I felt very much in love with it. High ceiling, lots of living areas and the complex seems to be pretty safe. So here I am going. I'm pretty anxious about it really. I guess I can get really creative with the loft-style apartment. Once I take some pictures inside, I will share them here.

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