Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It comes down to this.........

Yep, I've got it. My latest jersey I'd been contemplating about getting one of this....Colts's Vinatieri away jersey number 4.

I must admit....a jersey can be pricey since the material is nothing close to the word *comfortable* since there is no such as thing as *strechy* of a jersey's component. I mean....why'd want to pay over $55 for a piece of tent-like fabric? What about those rediculously expensive/ so-called *authentic* jersey costing over $300 just so I can have them numbers of a stranger's last name stitched on my back? Yeah...I was that person who made a similar comment just like that a few years back.

Not anymore, yesterday, I've made a small purchase (and I only say 'small' because the couple that had just walked pass me probably pay several hundreds dollars on beany chairs, Colts leather jackets and only God knows what else) for a little over $50 for an away Vinatieri jersey. Initially, I went all the way to Colts Pro Shop in Circle Center, downtown in search for Dallas Clark away jersey. luck. The dude is a popular guy this year. I've settle for this kicker, for now. I'm thinking I already have Manning pink jersey, this Vinatieri away time when I see Clark, I will get a home jersey...big blue.

I'm excited. Over the year, I've become one of those losers paying way too much money for a piece of tent-like fabric that would probably cost like $3 to make.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What if you were a handicap in Thailand...

My answer is, you'd be screwed---oh so screwed.

I have to admit. I'd never really put a thought onto this subject until my recent trip to Thailand. As many trips as I took, I did not see one disabled person in the public, not even *one*.

Is it possible Thailand does not have people with disabilities? Aren't we have those using a wheelchair for ambulation? Aren't we have those who are mentally challenges? Well, 100% we do. It's pretty universal, right?

But, where the heck are they?

Don't they shop at Siam Square? Aren't they do weekly grocery shopping just like everyone of us do? Don't they dine in a restaurant in Central Ladprao? I believe they want to. But where are they?

I'm aware Thailand is trying. The country as a whole has been slowly attempting to assist those with disabilities. There are some handicap restroom as I can see. Unfortunately, when I look around, they are not even enough. Obviously, we cannot only provide only handicap-friendly restrooms if you know what I mean. We need to build more of the public-friendly environments.
We need more pedestrian safety programs promoting a safe environment (start with a side walk, maybe) for those who use adaptive devices. We needs more public assisting tools (say, automatic doors) and we need to make certain spaces bigger for whoever that may need them.
As far as I'm concern, when ones are disabled, that doesn't translate into strictly staying at their own cribs. I'm just talking about those who are physically handicap only for now, not yet ranting about those with mental challenges.

Friday, October 12, 2007

When teaching is NOT my thing

I have been aware of it. So it's not like a big surprise when finding out how much I suck at training or teaching other people. In the past two weeks, the company I work for has hired a new person in my department. Unfortunately, I've been assigned to train her and to be her "mentor."


My lack of impatience has been killing me slowly and slowly. The girl has no background whatsoever, yet it's not really her fault to not know all the red tapes and bureaucratic things can get. Imagine teaching people from the ground up--counting from zero to who-knows-what. It pisses me off. She asks (which is understandable) and asks and asks and asks. Me, I'm going nuts! But see, I can't be all bi-polar-ish with her either. It's not really her, it's ME. Me who is extremely short temper and have less than zero patience.

Today is supposed to be my last day of training her....the rest is just acting as a counselor. Answer when she questions. Suggest when she needs. Hold her hands as needed.

Thank God it's weekend.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Which Housewife Are You?--little fun quiz

I've found out just a few seconds ago, I'm Lynette of Desperate Housewives! The abc website's 'which housewife are you?' quiz reads.....

"You gave up a great job for this? No one really appreciates you, and yet you slog on, with very little sleep and very little thanks. Who can blame you when you occasionally lose it? Hang in there. Just lay off the Ritalin."

Hey......I have no comment on this quiz result above. There is nothing to dislike about this show, though, there are a lot to love about it. A while back when all the girls love 'Sex and the City' so much, though Sex and the City' has their down time. This 'Desperate Housewives' has not have one yet (according to me!). This season three has been going so good. I love the show! Many people who haven't seen this show yet often wonder what make the show so special. Well, I say it offers me with lots of flavors--comedy, thriller, suspense, drama and family. Also love the screen play. Love the show. And thanks to my Comcast DVR--I no longer have to watch commercials!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007


I've been thinking about buying a new jersey--guess now is a good time to get a new one at the beginning of the season.

But still contemplating about colors and numbers. Blue one = home game or white one = away game. 18 = Manning or 44 = Clarks, or our favorite kicker. Still thinking, can't seem to be able to come up with a solution.

The Colts has been winning, so no worry about them. If I am to wear a jersey to represent the team, which color what color would it be?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Mission Statement

1) Attempt to lose weights
2) Exercise at least 3 times a week
3) Eat more fruits and veggies
4) Eat less sugar and salt
5) Eat less fried foods

At this point, I extremely want to make number # 2 and 4 happen.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Rob Zombie's Halloween

I'm one of those weirdos--always end up rooting for the bad guy. Recently, I come across a recent film made by Rob Zombie--the Halloween aka Mike Myers movie. This movie has been around for a while, re-made, re-edited. The recent one by Rob Zombie though, I won't put it on a top list of my fav movies, but it makes me think--I've always been rooting for bad boys.
As a fan, I've always felt bad for our bad boy here. According to myself, Michael Myers ain't bad since he was born. Heck, with a family background like that, I'd have turned psycho as well. It seems to me he has his reasons to kills, though I disagree with his action, I too feel for him. Not sure if this is what Rob Zombie is trying to get his point across, but if he is, it works--with me. Well, if you've been following this movie, you'll see, so many times, the movie (s) show Myers's bitter background. I guess, again GUESS, nobody is originally bad. It has a lot to do with environments and experiences. These should give me or you another reason to forgive those to have done bad things. Well, at least some of them.