Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting by in the Winter

Every year, I have this conversation with myself of how much I hate winter and what I should do to keep myself as happy as possible in winter.

I've become such a big fan of weather channel, which no, I don't do much of television, but op for ones via various website. They're updated pretty often. Although I can really do absolutely NOTHING to change a thing about weather in the upcoming day, I guess, it's comfort to be able to plan ahead.

This year, I've come to terms. I finally get to the bottom of my hatre of winter. It comes down to the chain reactions of the followings:
1) Winter makes driving a suicidal action.
2) Winter makes me haand I have to drag myself out of bed and start my car every single morning!
3) Winter makes me have to lose hours of sleep each week because of what've been mentioned above plus spare time to drive to my destination.
4) Winter makes me have to labor myself scraping brutal/cold ice out of my car. My hands are freezing cold!!!

That's all I can think of right now (and I haven't even come close to mentioning many little annoying things like higher electric bill.....)

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