Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008/ 2551---Year of Rat

Another New Year. January reminds me of my birthday. This year I'm once again getting older. I will be 31 in 29 days.

The day opens up with windy snowey all day long. Temperature must have been staying below 20 all day and as I'm writing this, it drops to 18 degrees, but feels like 5 according to weather channel. This time of the year, I wonder, what I'm doing in such a bitterly cold weather like this.

I hope this new year will bring lots of excitements and good stuff. My resolutions are carried on from my last years--lose weights and exercise more (It is such a comfort knowing many out there share the same resolutions as mine. Gym will be a crowded place in the next few weeks. Weight loss after the holidays I guess.)


ppung said...

I have the same new year resolution. I am now 57 kg (from 52 when at BSU.)

Pondering said...

Happy New Year P'Pung!!!

Did you do anything fun on the New Year?