Thursday, July 10, 2008

True Love

I believe most of us are blind and are more selfish when we are in love. When we are loving somebody, we want all of them. We want another person to be who we want them to be, we want them to act certain ways and ultimately, to love us as much as we love them. We are upset and disappointed when things don't go certain ways. Many times, we rely on another person way too much and having expectations that are not approachable.

Is it really practical?

I took a philosophy class when I was back in college. The professor talked about love. What is love? and what about unconditional love?

He says, true love must be unconditional. Love with no expectations. Love with feeling that we don't need anything in return. The true love is a feeling that we should be happy; simply just because the one you love is happy. True love does not expect ownership. True love is giving, regardless. True love is forgiving. We don't need to have another person to be ours to love them.

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p'pung said...

When anyone loves someone, it's a true love. It's just that anyone love him/herself more.

It's just difficult to love someone without hurting anyone, including ourselves.