Sunday, July 29, 2007

Most wanted

Aside from of those fancy SLR camera built by Nikon, here is another sleek, stylish, beautiful from head to end digital point-and-shoot camera Nikon has come out with, and I want it. I've been using Nikon cameras for so long. Nikon's quality is beyond words. But the hassles of carrying a big camera bag with heavy-as-hell gears seem like a burden to me at times. Times like when you just want some lookable pictures out of a casual event, times like you just want to click and go, times like I just want to slip a camera out of my purse and not having to be afraid to drop it. Carrying big/heavy camera is another reason why I don't have many pictures when I should have.

Built-in camera on the cell phone won't make a cut here--as much as I only want some lookable pictures, I don't want shitty looking photos either.

Price is acceptable too. I think this one is about $200-ish. Shouldn't break the bank, eh.

Now I'm looking for a deal where they sale a package camera with all the gears.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My blog at The Nation

A few days ago, I started a new blog with The Nation newspaper. I've chose to do another one because it is the Nation--I had worked there, I like to generalize my ideas to different group of people and I want another blog that is a little less about me and a little more about Thailand. So the blog has been launched since 7/25. If you wonder, here is the link if you aren't sick of me already:

If you know me, there are a few classic topics I am not fond of discussing--politics and religions. Though, I like discussing about controversial society issues like prostitutions, crime and abortion. I like to know what people think about it. So far, my latest post on bar girls and prostitution have been pretty interesting. Some people like to kid themselves.

Funeral must-have

This might sound a little weird for many people, but I think everybody needs to make a list of what they want their funeral to be done when they are gone (and don't get to case their votes on what they really want for their memorial day.) One of my good friends back in college initiated this conversation one day and she did, she did make her request list for her own funeral. It makes sense to me, so here, I'm making a rough draft in case I forget later.
1) I want my funeral to be brief and short. No need to elaborate and make attendants bored. 3 hours for Thai funeral should be more than enough.
2) Most funeral in Thailand are held in the temple. I'm cool with that. I want to stick with dinner thing, but does not have to be at the temple. My parents can do their things for me their, but dinner should be at home. Make it comfy.
3) I don't want the flowers (paung-reed.) I always think they are creepy. Funerals don't need to be all doom and creepy you know. What about stuffed animals for mine? I like donkeys.
4) Let's stick with the classic for dress code--black and white. I like these two colors anyway.
5) Leave your kids home please.
6) Okay, for dinner, let's have: hor-mok, tom-yam-kung, chicken and basil, tod man pla and steamed rice. I also would like to add some appetizers--let's get some of those fresh spring rolls from Hadyai. My mom's family knows which restaurant I'm talking about. For Desserts, I want ga-lor-gee and bua-loy. Oh yes, these are all my favorites.
7) Use my childhood pictures for funeral. I think I'm cuter when I was young.

Well, that will be all for now. I will add more later.

FYI: I'm not planning to die or anything, but like I've said, it's something you can't really plan out so better be safe than sorry.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And another blog I've signed up for

Just signed up for another blog with the ol' Nation.

So I'm thinking: if I have to categorize myself what kind of category my blog is supposed to fall should be.....what. You know, the whole process of signing up for the Nation weblog and all, they ask me to fill in the "category." (talking to self: am I a traveler? into politics? probably not. what the hell is citizen affairs anyway? sounds pretty cool.) So after all these thinkings, I ended up with, like y'all expect, GENERAL. What a boring title one can find? It's like I don't see myself anywhere, but here....all-in-one/ I-don't-know-where-the-hell-I-should-be kind of space. General a.k.a. undecided.

I'm very disappointed in myself. Sign.

Sorry guys, my blog today sounds pretty confusing. Once the Nation has reviewed my registration and verify my existence, I will let you know more about another blog of mine.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Sauce

Ingredients for a great sauce:

Fresh gingers (whole)
Fresh garlics (peeled)
Plum wine
Oyster sauce
Kikoman say sauce

Blend whole gingers and peeled garlic cloves in blender then mix with the rest of ingredients. Good for all stir fries, fried rice and noodles.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm so tired today.

It seems like once I stepped into the office today, everybody wants me here and there, and no, this never is a good thing--ever. So I looked over my desk earlier on before leaving work this evening, if someone would mess up my paperworks--moving them here and there, tomorrow, I'd be so pissed. It can be very frustrating you know. Yep, I sound just like the rest of the world. I hate people move stuff I lay on my desk...not even a post-it. And oh, I've learned today that there is this botton on my desk phone that when I push it, it means no disturb. Calls go straight to voicemail. Emmm

Friday, July 13, 2007

It is so funny how certain livings in this world disgust me most, but don't seem to do that to others.

I've never really fond to flowers. Growing up, most of my gal friends were crazy over getting bouquets of flowers on Valentine's Day. When they get sicked, visitors are expected to bring flowers. Guests at the graduation day are expected to bring more flowers. Homeowners enjoy gardening, decorating their homes with, again, flowers. Flowers are everywhere, even food. Back in Thailand, there are Thai flower salads. How could you?

I don't dislike most flowers. I think they are okay--some are eveb pleasant to look at. But I'm not expecting anybody to give me flowers. Call me pathetic. I think it's a waste of money. These flowers die (in days!!!) and then what? Your love and caring are just gonna die too? if you hand me flowers for Valentine's Day. Anyway, flowers are alright. Some of them, like Lily, are actually pretty (again, if I get it at no cost.) But some flowers are just gross--say, sunflowers and venus flytraps. These guys are just disgusting. Now you may be wondering, I have got a few good reasons for not liking venus flytrap. This thing moves like a machine. This thing grows by killing another life. They look like bunch of giant green beans, yet kill. They know when to execute, when to release and when to tighten the poor victim up. They aren't even pretty. In short, they are gross. But here sunflowers. Lots and lots of people love sunflowers. Though I don't completely disagree. Sunflowers against bright blue sky---emm...look pretty good. Sunflowers in a long distance, look pretty nice. But sunflowers in a close up version? They are too tall, plus they do that little head nodding up and down when we folks aren't aware. They are just creepy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weather is perfect today in Indy. It has been around late 70s, bright, sunny sky with some clouds. I can't get enough of it.

Anyway, I ended up discussing personal forbidden topics. Issues that I haven't really and never want to really talk about...ever---politic, religion, races and world/ culture/ belief conflicts with a co-worker. I used to love talking about it. You know that kind of laying my thoughts (and others) on the table and sharing (well, debating to be exact) what I think, what they think, how I view things, how they view things and why. Conversations get better among good friends who can "listen" and "share" with "respects" and an "open-mind-ness." I've found these topics constructive among those who "can" handle the disagreements. It can be pretty educated and deep. Though, in the past few years, I've seen "destructive" sides of having this kind of conversations among those who aren't qualified (see highlights above) to be a part of these topic of discussion and it always ends up...well...nowhere really.

Well, I've just pondered. Conversation with a co-worker today has been on a good side. I'm just thinking what this would have been like if I talked to a wrong person. Just a thought.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Here are what I've been anticipating they will happen someday:

1) The day when tattoos are socially exceptable worldwide. I'm talking about no trash talk about tattoo lovers and their stereotype. Why is it so hard to believe that having a tattoo (or it can be plural) is not just a fashion? Any thought maybe people just love it?
2) Women photojournalists become a majority.
3) Voluptious ladies are beauties in Thailand.
4) No more whinning whether who's right, who's wrong in abortion, homosexualities, races and religions (also whether marijuana should be legalized or not comparing with alcohol.)
5) Minimum speed on the highway (and for those who can't keep up with it, there are this word called "local roads."
6) Men to be able to except women who speak up without having these control issues.
7) I say, get rid of all those judgements. Just because you disagree with it, doesn't mean it's wrong.
8) Also, seniors are as important as children. Just because they are old, this doesn't justify the fact that they are more important. I'm so sick of hearing, oh! kids are so precious and on and on. Seniors can be "the brain" if you know what I mean.
9) Allow drinking at 16--just because they are banned from bars, doesn't mean they follow the rules anyway. Probably safer to have them drink openly so that adults can watch and warn.
10) Make recycles free. Now city charges people for recycling (think how much you pay for the recycling trash.) Some say, don't even worry about that damn cycling if you are gonna charge people to throw their craps away to help the environment. Make it free....people will recycle everywhere.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I love summer. There are tons of reasons to love this lovely, sweaty seasons from bright blue sky to summery dresses, from sandals to outdoor cook-out smelling those charcoal grills. Yet, another reason to love summer is Cherries.

Yes, yes, yes, I'm talking about Cherries--rainier cherries, bing cherries and whatever cherries available in June, July and August. Love them, eat them everyday, many times a day. Comparing with other kind of fruits, cherries are quite pricy fruits. Here in Indianapolis, cherries are pretty much available almost all year round, but peak during this time of the year. During unpeak times, markets sell cherries, regular cherries, for about 6 bucks a pound. Rainier cherries are more expensive (they're also sweeter and juicier overall.) Personally I op for Bing cherries. Comparing with Rainier, Bings are less sweet with a hint of sour. Bings are deap red in color just like blood and satuated with tons of vitamin benefits and fibers. Anyhow, during this peak time, Bings are available for 2 bucks or so per pound. Today, I've bought them for $1.79 per pound, which is dirt cheap for cherries. Another reason to love this fruit, they are surprisingly fulfilling as far as those who love sweets. They actually help easing that 'urge' for ice cream (FYI: no fruits ever done this to me before. Top the ice cream? Seems almost impossible.) Love cherries since living in Thailand. My parents bought them from Australia if I get this right and I remember how much I loved them then. Cherries are rare in Thailand and I don't think we can grow them. They are mostly imported and sold very expensively.

See now, besides all of those reasons out there, what not to love about summer?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh yes, I have been talking to lots and lots of people about my upcoming trip to Thailand. Even if there's still a month and days before the date, but hey, I'm excited already.

Three weeks, they don't seem to be long enough to catch up with what I've been missing in the past three years. Too many people to talk to, too many things to do with too little time. When you live overseas, it makes you feel so little at times, especially when you hear something like, "Oh! Yui is getting married!," then " but hey, when does she have a boyfriend anyway?" I especially sounded a little out of date, especially last night when talking to one of my best friends in Thailand. So many changes have happened when I am gone.

There are times when I doubt if missing all those stuff are worth it. My sister emailed me my Pa's birthday party a few days ago. Heck, he looks a little older than last time I saw him. I though feel much like I've been missing all of these precious time I should've spent with family. This year must have been the first that so many family members have been sick, and that the guilt is out there for me to grab making me feel that I should have been there. Some times putting my voice via phone across the world doesn't seem to help at all.

Well....when did I turn my Thailand trip excitement into a big sad guilt trip?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Time flies....

It's been ages since the last time I blogged. My only real reason of blogging is to keep an online diary since typing (in English where there aren't so many letters) seems to be almost too convenient nowday for myself...I mean, the online diary. Another indirect reason is here written (well, typed) online to share with friends who I haven't written to or bad in keeping in touch with to get to keep up with my thoughts and me (so that there won't be too many things they miss out when I get to talk to them next time, hopefully.) I don't mean to be so self involved, for your record.

But see, keeping an online diary is so far from writing a actually papers and pens diary. My thought is out there, no secrets whatsoever. There is no where-should-I-keep-my-diary kind of thoughts. There is no value as far as oh-gosh-if-so-and-so-read-this type of feelings. Online diary is pretty shallow (admitted by me who is writing this online by the way.) Personally, it's more like a self proclaim non-fiction/ fiction. You know there will be someone out there reading your craps. Oh! what if so and so reads this and that......oh........maybe I shouldn't have written this and that. Before I know it, I go back and re write my craps.

Nothing wrong with this online thing. Heck, who am I to say. I just wish that some time soon, I will be keeping my journal--the old way.