Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Jersey

Imagine how much money Reebox makes selling licensed jersey alone each season....?

I bought another jersey this year--# 44 Dallas Clark. It's blue for home games. $80 something later, I walked out of Dick's feeling really dumb. What make me spend $80 freaking dollar on a nylon easy-to-put-together jersey like that? Wow...I did feel a matter of fact, I've been feeling dumb until today. Yup, I spent that on number 44 and that the thing that said *authorized NFL license; Reebox*.

Then on Sunday, it was the Colts first home game at its brand new Lucas Oil Stadium. Now, I don't feel as dumb anymore. Apparently, if I am, I have so many friends wearing white and blue being dumb with me.

It's the football season, I guess I better start forgetting about the price tag......

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