Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weird Week

These past two weeks have been weird.....very weird.

Weird # 1 There was a fire at my apartment on August 7th. This drunk dude on the third floor decided to set his t-shirt on fire. As a result, everybody had to evaculate. Two rooms on the second floors were ruined. I got lucky, my apartment is almost untouched. But see, since there are some leaking on the third floor, my landlord put five industrial fans in my cribs. Very annoying.

Weird # 2 People. I have met a few weird/ confused people in the past two weeks. Normally this doesn't happen to me a whole lot, but for some odd reasons, I guess I hit the jackpot in the past two weeks.

Weird # 3 As much as I think motorcycle is dangerous, I got on one today. It reminds me so much of what adrenerine is and how much fun it can be to just go fast regardless. I wore the helmet tight so that if something ever happened, all my brain will be in the same place, LOL.

Weird # 4 I used to hate texting. *used to* I used to think texting is such as weird hobby and wondered why people don't just call each other. Now I'm a texting junkie. I even got an unlimited texing on my phone over the weekend....very weird.

There are a few other weird stuff going on. I wonder what's up with my life?!

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