Friday, May 25, 2007

Childhood Memory

I think about Doraemon today. Strange, isn't it.

When I was little, I read so much of Japanese cartoon books (just like any other Thai kids back then I guess.) I don't remember when I first started flipping through these cartoons, but back then, I remember, it costed only 8-10 baht a piece. Back home, I have a pretty impressive collections of cartoon book and so many of them are very classic like Doraemon. They are so old and dusty though and that it has always forbidden for everyone, again everyone including my parents, to throw them away...ever!!! Doraemon is a very easy cartoon to read, comparing with those girl cartoons out there. I've spoken to a lot of people who don't read cartoons such as my sister, simply because they have no clue where to start and which box they should read next. Doraemon is a clean cartoon..very easy to read and to go about it. Cartoons bring back a lot of childhood memories. I still have a friend back home who still fonds with cartoon and I'm sure if I live in Thailand, my collection will be larger. I just miss it if you know what I mean.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yahoo Answers

This is very strange. Have you ever heard of Yahoo Answers?

I was intially introduced to Yahoo Answers back in September last year after my ear surgery (and you can imagine how much time I had to just sit around and do nothing.) I was so bored. You can only watch movies so much and read so much then you will eventually get bored, again!!

If you never heard of Yahoo Answers-it is one of millions thing for those who have no friends, but plenty of time to kill to play with. Aww I'm just partially kidding. You can sign up for it, make up a personalized avatar like the one of mine on your right hand on this screen or you can just download your own picture in there or just simply leave it blank, duh.

There, you get to answers tons of questions people around the world have asked. You get a score or so when you answer and win big scores when your answer is picked as best. The best part is I can get to ask. I love this part. I love it, addicted to it. I'm sure we all have lots of things to ask and I can just do so here online without getting embarrassed (questions like...what's pedicure?) I'm sure I get an honest answer or more everytime I ask something because those people who answer, they don't know me either. I need it once in a while--an honest feedback.

It is so weird to explain this addiction to anybody, especially when there is no touchable rewards from earning points.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's about time!

I've gotten a confirm from my boss today that I can leave for Thailand--we are talking about a month worth of joyous time here, baby!

I'm very excited. Time flies. It's been 3 years--whole three years that I've been feeling a little like craps on and off to abandon my parents and family members. Ideas of not being able to be there while the clock is ticking away kill me. You know, people are getting older and my parents are no exceptions. In the past couple of months, my aunt (dad's only sister) has been diagnosed with cancer. My aunt number 2 (mom's sister) has been diagnosed with breast cancer (hint goes to me, damn it!) Aunt number 3 (mom's sister again) has learnt that she needs a surgery to fix her bone somewhere in the lower back. Aunt number 4 (mom's sister again and again) also has the same problem with aunt number 4. My cousin (aunt number 5's son) has been diagnosed with cancer as well. And they all live outside BKK. Since my mom has retired in January this year and my sister has been back there from the US, my parents house is a motel for out-of-towners and my sister and mom have acted as the transporters/ visitors to the hospitals.

That sounds like a lot of missings to me. I could have been there and should have been. When people get older, you just never know. Time goes by and heck, I am here listening to what I hear over the phone, feeling very useless. My family is very tight-knitted. We are all close. I was actually raised by my mom's side of family until I was about 3 years old. When I was in school, I spent every summer there in Hadyai with lots of aunts for 3 months each year--and had been doing so until I went away for college.

So here now, I will be buying a round-trip ticket to Thailand hoping to be there towards the end of August.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh again

It never fells me. Every year in the months of May, June and December, I have always put myself in the situation of wasting money for craps that I don't even "need."

Limited Brands (Victoria's Secrets, Bath and Body Works just to name a few) have their semi-annual sale around this time of the year. They carry the "goodies" that women want, well, need. No I wouldn't die if I don't have their lovely Pink sweats, but it will end up making me feel that I would have, should have and could name the reasons for missing bargain deals that you'd love to have.I love Victoria's Secrets perfume, undies and Pink sweats. I love every single items Bath and Body Works carry. This year, I would love to try some of those extensive selections of Vic Secrets bath gel. Oh! and who does love their cute boy shorts. See, I've started a new saving account a while back and every time I get paid, I put most of my earnings in the bank so that I won't touch it. Do I need to go to the store today just to see what they have? Oh it's juts a peek? I won't even gonna buy anything. I will just be looking. Jeez........

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Oh Yeah

Some people loves attention. The more you give it, more you satisfy their needs. Though I always believe, negative or positive attentions, it doesn't matter. Attention is attention whether it's a bad one or good one.

See, I've come across this news (well, not really news) about Paris Hilton probation violation thing and I think, now, here is more attention. Some men I know say that the reason, "well, you girls hate Paris because she is rich and beautiful." Yeah, rich, maybe. But beautiful, heck no. I wouldn't define that as beautiful, really. Anyway, so I've came across a column written by Leonard Pitt, JR in Detroit Free Press (FYI: my fav newspaper) about her. The first paragraph sounds pretty good to me. It goes: "Are you heartbroken that Paris Hilton has been sentenced to jail? Me neither. I take it as welcome evidence that occasionally karma gets it right and the universe slaps those most in need of slapping. Rarely has comeuppance been more desperately deserved." And it goes: "Not just because she is a famous-for-nothing socialite, nor just because she is an empty vessel inexplicably adored by people for whom vacuousness is apparently synonymous with worth."

The last paragraph reads like this: "Consequences may arrive late, but they almost always arrive. Something for Hilton to consider as she spends 45 days wearing an orange jumpsuit and taking group showers in a little place I like to call reality. It couldn't happen to a more deserving person."

Monday, May 07, 2007

Family tree

It is getting old.

I've been hearing this in the past few years about how women should embrace their body, think Dove commercial. How we should embrace our wrinkles, skin, body, smiles...lists go on. This sounds cool and empower me for a few months, but heck, when I hear this over and over, I start to get tired of it. Soon, it turns out to be annoying, well, at least somewhat.

I love myself...I love myself very very much, though, there is one BIG part of me that I struggle to love--my legs. You know legs are parts, well, big parts of my body that are pretty hard to ignore. I feel that if I put both of my legs alone on a scale, they would weigh more than third of my body weight--and I mean, really. I inherit my legs (their shape and size, especially) from a side of my family (though I'm a little reluctant to point a finger towards one way or another, lol.) My legs remind me that there is no way in hell I was adopted. I'm definitely a product of this family, and that an evidence shows.

It is so damn hard to find a perfect pair of pants that fit me properly with the width and the length, especially "the length." Thank to this "issue" I face everyday. I am reminded everyday to think about my family and how I am a big part of the cult.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


I love berries.

Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry--I love them all. But I am a bias person. I can't love them all equally. There has gotta be the one, the only one I like most (just like men, lol) and that comes down to Raspberries. I'm so in love with them. It's like talking about 'the one.' Raspberries are great inside out--they are a good tasting fruit as well as good looking. Look at them, they are so cute!

Now, I don't know why I'm blogging about fruits and how cool it looks. I must be desperate. Anyway, yesterday was my first day I've notice the spelling of Raspberry. For all you cool, best spelling bees (and pronoucing bees if any) people, I didn't notice there is an P between S and B in the whole word of Ras-P-berry. Maybe when natives pronouce Raspberry, they go, "ras-pher-ber-ry." There must be an upper lip hitting lower lip somewhere to include P in the word. As of me, as far as I know, it has always been pronouced, "ras-ber-ry" with no P. Surprise!!!!