Friday, January 18, 2008


I come across a clip taped at a slaughter house (mainly for cows) this evening. It's very disturbing.

Watching this kind of video gets me every single time. I start feeling bad and very inhumane for eating things with a face. It's very crual.

I guess over the years, I have eaten less and less dark meats. The reason isn't really because what I've pondered above, but for some reasons, I haven't felt like eating a lot of them. I think I prefer chicken and fish. And then I'm thinking, maybe I should really try to cut down. I usually don't eat any meat or dairy products two days a week. I guess I should consider increasing the days.

I really don't think we need to eat any meat, really. Human's teeth aren't really made for animal meat really. I've heard some research on this in the past--human are not meat eaters. So, Why do we eat meat?


oakmonster said...

Because it's tastier than veggies...especially when grilled over open flamed....?

I too feel sorry for the animals. But like the Brokeback Boys said, "I don't know how to quit you." :)

oakmonster said...

Oh...and for that reason, I refuse to watch any of the slaughter house footage on principle.

p'pung said...

Me too, try not to have beef. Don't know why it's more expensive than pork and chicken!

Pondering said...

Quit eating meats is like something I wanna do; not sure if I can though.

I can see myself quit beef first. I'm usually not a big fan of beef anyway and I've never liked steaks.