Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Crib, New View

Well well well.
With this cheap point-and-shoot camera I have, here is a view from my bedroom window (remember, I have moved!)

I'm not trying to brag about it, but this picture is not a good angle of downtown Indy. What you see in an old ass train track next to a parking garage. As I've mentioned earlier, I'm blaming it on the camera I have (think 5 bucks Walmart disposal camera). I couldn't do wide angle, so basically you cannot see Pacers arena (which is a bit to the right of this frame) and the RCA Dome (old Colts stadium) a bit to the left and Lucus Oil Stadium (new Colts stadium) a bit next to RCA. This is sad. I guess next time I should try with a *real* camera.

Anyhow, I do miss my 'burb lifestyle a bit since I move downtown. Things ain't the same if you know what I mean. No Target next door, which is a huge deal (well....that's it. Target takes up about 90% why I miss suburban living.)

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