Friday, June 13, 2008

Something to Ponder about

Oh yes, it's here. Indianapolis residents finally pay over $4 per gallon of unleaded. I spoke with a friend of my mom who lives in Chicago a few weeks ago, and the Chi town folks have already been paying at this price all along. It's our turn. Funny. There isn't really nothing we can do about it. I wonder how high it will go. I heard it will hit $5 by the 4th of July and $7 by Christmas.

(Photo by Matt Kryger/ The Star)


p'pung said...

It's pretty bad here also. People in bkk change to use LPG gas now. Its price also will be increased due to higher demand.

Luckilyy, I had my car installed long ago. The queue of installation is going up to 5,000 cars a day. If you want to do it now, you will have to wait for your queue till September!!

How come nobody does anything about those oil price speculators? They have caused so much trouble around the world.

I heard at the end of this year, one of car manufacturers will launch a new car model which uses wind pressure. I hope it will really work. Can you imagine? No pollution, no sufferring from high gas price. Man! if that works, it will be hugh!!

Kin'shar said...

Well I hear that it will be about $5.00 by August.....$7.00 by christmas i dont know. But doesnt it already feels like 10 dollars. I have been utilizing public transportation and it seems to work out better for me.