Friday, August 22, 2008

Pure Frustration

I have been so pissed off today on something I have ZERO control over.

So a month or so ago, the company I work for has been merging with another one. Problem is all the PTO (paid time off) I have collected, they said they were going to pay it off, cut me a check blah blah blah. My first piss-off is...I didn't even ask for it. Vacation is another thing money can't buy. Money can buy you a nice vacation, but vacation will not happen without PTO. See, now you know how I feel about losing my PTO.

Anyhow, I have over 100 hours of PTO, which is equal about $3000. It sounds pretty nice at first to have a big chunk of money coming my way, but heck, I realized a week or so that this check is taxable.

So receiving the check is morning is really painful. I will not be able to get over this for a while. $700 taken out? WTF!!!!! I could have used that for a little vacation time!!!!


p'pung said...

I also have collected my vacation days, now 68 days. Heard they forced employees to take vacation in other sites. Don't know when it will come to me. Hope not too soon.

$700 bucks!! damn!

Don't know if you know our smart chinese friend back in BSU, in computer science major. He lost $210K in stock market!! Though it's not exactly the same, hope you'd feel a little better.

Pondering said...

I hope I will be able to move on soon, LOL. $700 lost to something I can't even do anything about it sucks really bad.

How are you?