Monday, September 22, 2008

Weird People or Are they just people who are different

I use the term *weird* very loosely. This is weird. This dish tastes weird. The building has weird shape. This person is weird.

"Weird people" They make me think.....what is weird? What are weird people and what did they do to be titled *weird*.

Weirdness varies. I think. Maybe being weird is just doing things differently than majority of people. Maybe this is weird if most people prefer wearing flip-flops in the summer and you are wearing winter boots. Maybe it is weird if most people like their steak medium and you get it well-done. Being different. Does that make you weird just because you don't go by the flow? Does that make you a weirdo if you think paler skin is more attractive than tanned? Does that make you strange if you hate Mexican food when the rest of America loving it? What is weird?

Are you being weird? or you are just different than others?


OakMonster said...

I'm weird. I embrace the weird. I'm about to write a manifesto against normal actually...

Pondering said...


How weird are you Oh+?

OakMonster said...

Oh sweetie, you have no idea! :)

I had a similar discussion with my friend Olaina before. We're both "weird" according to normal people standard, therefore we're normal to each other. Hence we get along so well while the rest of the world just kind of looking at us funny.

There are certain perks and quirks that we have, Pond, that make us "weird". You and me, for example, opinionated, strong Thai women who want to stand up for herself and prefer arts over "respectable career". To Thai standard, we are totally weird. Here, not so much.

I'm a geek--I blog, I code, I Tweet. I love doing silly things like joining a group of people to dance the Thriller. I play video games. These are things that "normal" people think as weird.

I see where normal is. And it's boring. I'd rather be weird.

Pondering said...

Yup..DEFINITELY!~I agree with you 100%

I don't think there is a definition of *weird*. It's just a word some ancient boring dudes came up with when they had nothing to do beside going to bed at 6pm. LOL