Friday, May 30, 2008

Thailand Trip

Once again, I'm planning a trip back to visit Thailand. Last year when I went there, I was planning to at least visit Thailand at least twice a year, so that I don't miss too much of actions. I've been really missing home lately, so it's about time.

The thing is; I ultimately really want to go home for good--to find a job, live and spend time with my family as much as possible. This is one area that I'm sure any foreigner (I consider myself a full-blooded Thai) living overseas will definitely agree with me, the worst side of living overseas alone is having the rest of family back home wherever you home country is (though this applies to those who are close to family and have good life back home.) Many tell me I need to just suck it up if I've decided to live outside my mother's land.

Anyhow, once again, another trip back to Thailand has been largely planned. I'm thinking about late August and will be there for at least a month. I start to think that after this trip, whatever happens, it will make more sense to leave the US during one of those cold months since I hate it so much, instead of leaving during one of the nicest.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium

This bird-eye-view picture shows the RCA Dome on the right hand (yes, that big fluffy white stuff) and the Colt's new many millions dollars Lucas Oil Stadium in the middle of the picture. Please note that this picture is not current. I hope that this weekend I will be able to drag myself a few blocks from my apartment to take a picture or two of the almost-finish stadium. It's almost completed--supposed to be ready for the first game this season. I'm very excited.

I guess this new stadium will pay Indianapolis off as the city will host the Super Bowl in 2012. Four years from now I guess. Can you imagine fans from all over the country fly to Indianapolis for their vacation (or fun time) in February in the middle of nowhere where the average temperature is near freezing (glass half full), well let me say this again, when the temperature is below zero. I'm not trying to be negative here since this should be a great thing for the city, but who want to have fun and it's freezing out. Think, if Super Bowl is held in Florida. Think, when Super Bowl is held in Indy. I just don't get it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coming back

I realize my blog has been looking pretty pitiful in the past months. With lots of things going on, work wise, I barely have that kind of time to update my blog. You know 'that' kind of time when I know I want to document my life somewhere. Memorial Day weekend in Indy is more of a race weekend. Tons of Indy 500 fans are in town this week for the race tomorrow. I really don't care much about the race--bunch of loud noise, RVs and drunks, though the parade makes the town kind of festive in a way. What a shame is that I have moved to downtown where my apartment is a walking distance from where the parade was taken place, but didn't even make an attempt to attend it. The most shameful moment of my life comes to the fact that I once again missed a chance to see 'Slash' in person. *sign*
Photos courtesy: the Indianapolis Star