Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coming back

I realize my blog has been looking pretty pitiful in the past months. With lots of things going on, work wise, I barely have that kind of time to update my blog. You know 'that' kind of time when I know I want to document my life somewhere. Memorial Day weekend in Indy is more of a race weekend. Tons of Indy 500 fans are in town this week for the race tomorrow. I really don't care much about the race--bunch of loud noise, RVs and drunks, though the parade makes the town kind of festive in a way. What a shame is that I have moved to downtown where my apartment is a walking distance from where the parade was taken place, but didn't even make an attempt to attend it. The most shameful moment of my life comes to the fact that I once again missed a chance to see 'Slash' in person. *sign*
Photos courtesy: the Indianapolis Star


gnoott said...

welcome back

Pondering said...

Hehe, I know I've been gone for a while. How are you?