Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chili Experiment

I'd never thought making Chili is such a joy until I've discovered the taste of a good bowl of Chili myself. The thing is, I love everything slow-cooked. I love saute-and-let-it-sit kind of cooking; from Chicken-n-Noodle to Stew; from Pot Pie to Pot Roast. And here, Chili; is how I make it.

Easy Chili-----I use:

2-3 pound of ground beef/ chunk
1 very large onion or 5 small onions
1 very large green pepper
1 can of stew tomato
1 can of fire-roasted diced tomato
1 can of tomato sauce
onion power
garlic powder
sea salt
beef broth to taste
Chili mix

I know. I use Chili mix--not too pround of it, but for a beginner like me, so I guess I have to start somewhere. I though look at the package. I think next time I will make my own without the seasoning mix. I think I have to buy---chili powder, ground cumin, cayanne pepper powder and dried oregano.

I also let my pot of Chili cook on low for....em....forever. What I've discovered from my last attempt is that Chili tastes even much better the following day!!!


CresceNet said...

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oakmonster said...

I have a friend whose hobby is making chili and entering into contest. Terrence and his buddy experiment year round with different kind of spices and chili pepper blend to put in it.

I brought back some Karnchanaburi's famous dried chili for the boys. And boy did they love that one! Haha! :)

Pondering said...

crescenet--that link isn't working..sure it's the right address?

Do you have any good recipe? I'm a beginner, but have lots of fun trying to make a pot of good Chili.

oakmonster said...

Pond - Try the Uptown Down-home chilli from Rachael Ray's 30-minute meal recipe catalogue. Easy to make and quite tasty. Plenty of slow-cooked recipes out there too I haven't yet tried.