Saturday, January 26, 2008


I'm tired all the time. As my birthday approaching, I feel like an old lady.

Lifestyle I'm leading is not good enough I guess. Speaking of this, I'm going to sound like an old lady to y'all, but here it goes. I used to be like...drinking, partying, eating lots of junks, intaking 'substances' I guess those-who-wish-to-live-longer woouldn't and so on, and yet I felt fine. I could feel lots of energy in my bones and body. No problem. Of course, that time was when I was between 17-24. Ancient stories.

.................Now, as I'm approaching 30 plus 1 (nope, I refuse to spell it out!) I rarely drink (because of medications I'm taking; forbidding me to), eat fairly little better, and no longer try weird substances. I feel like crap. I feel like I'm borrowing a 50-year-old-lady body. I wonder why.

Then I think about what I did a few months ago (okay, okay, 7 months ago) that have actually made me feel great. Spin class.

Spin class, exercise, whatever. What a great class! What a great exercise! I definitely need to move my ass to the gym to boost up some energy. The gym membership I have been paying every month (and I can count with my fingers how many times I've visited the place.)


p'pung said...

eh?? is it done?? feel like unfinish message.

Anonymous said...

What r you talking about, Pond? Feel like borrowing a 50-yr-old body?? Then i must borrow a 7-=year-old dead body.. ha ha ha.

Btw, lots of friends miss you at nation blog. guess you r busy, huh?