Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Family Doctor

I didn't know until a few years after I came to the US that there is actually such thing as 'Family Doctor.' I remember someone at a hospital in Muncie had asked me for the name of 'my doctor.' My answer that day was, "huh, what did you say again?"
Anyway, in the past year, I found one. I actually got a referal from a close former co-worker recommending me to see Dr. Stine. I checked with my insurance and he is in my network. I'm also lucky his office is right across the street from my apartment. Since then, I've been seeing him on a regular basis for things here and there, that I don't think I need to see an ENT for it. If I have to name a benefit of having a family doctor, it will be---I no longer have to make months worth in advance to see him when I need a professional opinion on things. This may sound weird, but I really do enjoy seeing a doctor--in general. I think co-payments are worth giving me a peace of mind. I also enjoy the idea of having an expert offers me their opinion. Take a year or so ago as an example, I had an ear surgery due to a few appointments made with a few doctors. I think medical advises give me a better idea of how I should take care of myself.
Dr.Stine is great. I'm lucky for finding him in the first place anyway. He runs his practice with his wife and another intern, so imagine that. I think the best thing about him is that he does take a lot of time with patients, listen and does offer easy-to-understand advises and explaination. I can't even word how great this doctor is (maybe I should dedicate the whole blog writing about him), but he is probably one of the best doctor out there.
Anyhow, my friends, if you have not yet had a family doctor, find one. See one on a regular basis is a good idea. As I age, I'm aware I do sound like an old lady, but I think it's important to treat your body the way it deserves and just like a car, our body needs regular maintanance.

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