Monday, January 29, 2007

The Nasty Divorce (of a co-worker)

Here is what I don't understand: how doesn't someone think this is an affair when they slept with someone else besides their spouse?

I'm talking a soon-to-be ex-wife of a colleague. She was caught sleeping with a guy who literally lives a mile away from her husband's and her home. She had the guy sleep over along with their 2-year-old daughter while her husband was out of town. She slept with him, went out with him, slept in his house and list goes on. Yet, she (until right now, they are in the process of getting a divorce) doesn't think she has been having an affair. She calls it, "hanging out."

This sounds extremely pathetic. My colleague asks me today why she doesn't think she has been having an affair all along. Why does still deny it and acts as if it's okay to "hang out." Gosh...I don't think she doesn't know. I just think it's easier to keep denying it instead of admitting she is a slut. Well, see, I think, since she's been denying it now it doesn't only make her a slut, but a retarded lying slut all together. Thinking about this whole divorce thing he has been through, as much as I feel really bad for him, I also think he'd better off without her anyway. At the end of the day, the poor colleague of mine ends up with some attorney fees, court fees, headache custody, child support and on, on and on. Does Thailand's divorce case this complicated? Or is it just here?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Indy Sunday and the rest of the week

Indianapolis has been in this Colts Super Bowl mania in the past week. Everywhere I turn to, here they are--Colts fans, Colts gears, Colts talk....more Colts gears. Blue and whites sell like crazy!!!

I went to the mall up north after lunch this afternoon. Here they are: every single inch I step into---more blue and white. I'm so jealous of those sporting goods stores--Finish Lines, Dick's, and well even gas stations, they are selling Colts Jerseys, fleeces, hats, flags and pretty much you name it like there is no tomorrow. Retails have been making so much money since we won that AFC Championship game and even more when we are on the road to Miami. The funny thing is: yes, I live in Indianapolis, so most people is rooting for the Colts, BUT there are some who are Bears fans, and they definitely live their life (especially this week) as a mistress kid. There ain't much Bears talk, Bears flags, Bears jerseys going on. It is even harder for both me and Dan to find a birthday present (which we hope to get some of those Bears items) for a friend of ours for this BD tomorrow. I didn't see any. So Dan asks a store associate today if they carry any of Bears jersey, we get "THE LOOK." You know even our locals media, they have been running various stories about Colts players, team, president and CEO and even its history in the past seven days. Now they don't have anything to talk about anymore. But in respond to audience demand, they'd better come up with something daily---today, they decide to talk about betting. They are really running out of headline news. lol.

I love Colts. I am a fan. But I start to get tired of it. It's like there weren't a whole lot of big fans out there when Colts is in their down time, but when they start winning, man.....I don't know where these people are coming from. Oh needs it anyway. This week, count down to Super Bowl, my boss tells me I can wear jeans all week..even ripped ones..Monday through Friday, as long as I wear Colts colors.....LOL.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

And I'm drooling once again

I'd have to disagree with those who say 'we don't live to eat, but we eat to live,' translating into we shall eat in moderation. We eat for our body to generate enough energy to function and blah blah blah blah.

I enjoy eating you know (and yes, you probably already know that long time ago, if you know me well.) I love trying a new restaurants, trying the same kind of my favorite dish from different places, I also enjoy cooking (since there isn't a whole lot of option in the US anyway.) Over the years, I have considered becoming a part-time vegan--maybe still drink milk and eating eggs, but no meats. What occurs to me is that since I remember, I've never ate any kind of meats besides basic chicken (strictly whites,) beef (strictly beef jerky and hamburger,) fish and shrimps. I don't eat their inside neither if you know what I mean--those are just plain gross. The rest of other animals, I just don't. There is no reason--it's just I never feel like it. I think over the past year, I feel I need to get on a part-time basis of quit eating meats. The reason goes to my allergy and my need to increase veggies and fruits consumption. I guess if I stop eating meats, maybe 10 days out of each month, that will leave me no choice but eating veggies and fruits more--hopefully. Plus I think I need to go easy from time to time. Speaking of becoming a part-time vegan. Take a look of that picture above. I love meatballs on sticks or skewers with spicy dipping sauce. I love them and I love when they are made off the street in Thailand--dry and dirty. I know, you guys must be rolling your eyes right now, but I don't have a high standard, but I am able to tolerate not-so-hygienic foods. It is an ability I was born with lol. The funny thing is that lots of fellow Americans I know just hate these asian meat balls for some reasons. They said they are gross--you don't know what's in there and what part of animal were ground into a ball. But heck, same goes to those sausage, bologna, salami, pepperoni. You don't know what's in there, but they taste pretty good.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Guardian

Man! Isn't this movie awesome! I've actually never read any review before. A Blockbuster girl cheered me to get this movie, saying it's good, so I got it, and yeah, it is good, well I'm not saying great even though I want to. My standard of a great movie is pretty different than others most of the time, so...

Besides comedies, maybe I'm a patriotic/
military/men-in-uniform kind of person of something, but man, this kind of flick makes me pump and love life. I guess it inspires me to have a better tomorrow. Life is bright and shine, lol. Aside from the movie, I have been tired all day and yep, this morning, I felt like an absolute crap when getting up and that shitty feeling stays with me all day long. Ended up sleep about 3 hours last night. See, that's why I'd rather not sleeping at all if getting less than 3 hours.

AM Phobia?

There is definitely something wrong with me--I just can't sleep. No, not exactly insomnia, but this comes only when I know I have to get up VERY early the following day, such as tomorrow!

This might sounds a little silly, but in a few hours, I will have to get up--now 1am, counting 1,2,3,4,5 so about 4 hours, and I'm still up and runnin. What's up with me. I've noticed this several times. Whenever I have to get up before 5, I will never sleep at all. It's not like I'm not tired. Now I'm tired as hell, but my mine is just too awake. It's not like I run a stressful life. Tomorrow is one of those easiest day..not meeting, no exciting craps. Hell, what's up with me. Now I'm watching Rachel Ray, Food Network $40 a day.

Tomorrow..I will definitely feel like shit--all day long.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Word of the Day

STOIC (sa-to-ic)

According to = One who is seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain.

According to a friend = One who keeps emotions inside...pretty good.

According to myself in Thai = คนที่เก็บความรู้สึกเก่ง

Monday, January 22, 2007


Okay, I confess: as much as I was rooting for the Colts last night during AFL Championship game, I was lured into Tom Brady's Hot-ness. The guy is so cute and so nice that he gave us, Blue and White fans, the one and the only interception during the last 30 seconds of the 4th quarter. WE WIN PEOPLE. WE ARE GOING TO SUPER BOWL!!!!

Aside from all of the excitement, I'm glad we win the AFC title and on the way to Florida. Coach Dungy deserves it. Manning deserves it. Dallas Clark deserves it. Addai deserves it. Indianapolis deserves it--Big time. Our last Super Bowl present was what?.....1970s. Back then it wasn't even Indianapolis Colts yet, so to me, that doesn't count. Looking at the RCA dome, our wall is pretty much almost empty. The team definitely deserves this title and that yes, we are so going to Super Bowl. Indy isn't a big of town, but it's called a sport town. There are Pacers, Colts and Indy500. I know the Colts is a great football team, but in the past years, it had been an unfortunate. Especially with Peyton, he is one hell of a quarterback. Great quarterback to be exact--but never until this year, he has won anything. Football is a teamwork--not a one man show. Apparently, in the past three games, our defensive team has come around and proves themselves a great team. I'm very pump. We will be meeting the Bears in Miami. Big game.
(Photo Courtersy from Indianapolis Star.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Moody People

It seems that every time I am in a great mood, I always run into those bitch-ass bastards (excuse my language here) out there who act like they haven't slept in weeks. My problem is, these people turn their problem into mine. Moody is contagious as well as bad attitude. Like on my way back from the gym this morning, I was extremely in a great mood. My blood flew great, my crooked thighs felt alright, my mind was high..up there in the air, until I ran into this stupid bitch at Kroger. I don't even want to mention the details.

I think that book 'Don't Sweat...' should definitely be added into my smalll-size book collection. In case I, someday, feel like kicking somebody's ass. That book can be handy from time to time.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i DO believe in medications # Part 1

I should have been more humble about this whole medication thing. Years ago, Thailand was so obsessed with this whole go-back-to-natural concept by Dr. Satit. "When your body feels sick, leave all these chemical-artificial craps as the last choice. Clean your body with natural substance. Rest your eyes. Relax your body. Eat in moderation. Go organics." Well, I wish I could have done it. I wish I can do it. It sounds so damn good to me--thinking about my healthy self with healthy pink brush on my cheeks and that my body feels so freaking good cause I let it be O'naturaaaaaaalllll.

Yeah! I wish I could do it. I wish I eat healthy, exercise regularly, rest 8 hours a day, go to bed in an appropriate time, and rise early to stretch. Nah....That will never happen--not anytime soon.

Especially the whole refuse-medication part. Man! do I love medication? and thank those scientists everyday for inventing Claratin D and Tylenol and Advil Liquid Gel. Don't I love them. Don't I love taking them. Some times I feel as if I rush it. I take medications too soon--as soon as I get a slight headache, I go for my Rx cabinet by the refridgerator. What can I say? I have bad sinus infection, plus countless types of allergies. At one point, I know the idea of going O'naturaaaalll ain't that bad of an idea at all--dust your damn apartment, eat lots of veggie, drink lots of water and blah blah blah. Well as far as I know, here it is, a 1000mg vitamin C from GNC and my green drinks from Target.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Whole Nasty Divorce-Case # 1

I've just now realized, I'm a pretty damn good listener--so far I've acted as a personal counseler to two divorcing cases. Several years later, I am now aware I had picked a wrong major in college. School of Psychology should have been my picked over a decade ago. Damn it!!!

The two cases have something in common--marriages break due to cheaters and those shady affair behind the scene. This is ashame. It gets me to think: why does some people get married anyway when they aren't even ready for commitment? See, I'm not a holy gal. I'm a pretty opened-minded person. But at least, if I've messed something up, I'm not ashame to admit it. At least I'd say, "I'm sorry. I mess it up." Then learn from it. There is no point for a blame game when it though looks so obvious you are the one who causes all these problems. Ah--hem, okay, let's get to the point here. The first case happens to a guy I know. A few weeks back, he's told me about details of his divorcing journey.--it'd be final soon, and that he will be left with nothing. His soon-to-be ex-wife gets the house, the car and parts of his business profits. He has to pay for child support and last, but not least, he claims, "my kids hate me."

Oh...poor thing. That was my first thought. But wait. After he blah blah blah about his life, now I've got an insight. The dude has been messing around with other girls the whole time he's been married. And if you may ask me, he's been married to his wife for like 19 years or so. They have two daughters together--one is 18, one is 16. Now the girls definitely hate him for an obvious reasons. When the kids are that old, they aren't innocent anymore. C'mon, they know what's been going on. They know their mom's been crying. They know their dad ain't faithful to their mom, and on top of all, both are girls. Of course, they aren't happy about it. Now he is asking me why his kids hate him. C'mon now. You've got to be an idiot for not knowing the 'right' answer.

Last weekend, I got a chance to talk to his younger child. She told me about hearing her mother cries and fights between the two. Even though it's just a sentence, but I could almost feel her pain. Now, I look at this father dude. He is whining about why his kids hate him and doesn't get it why. Gosh....he should have thought about it when picking up random girls in bars. I don't feel sympathy, it's just very frustrating to hear. If you may wonder, I didn't really say anything back, but ask him if he really needs the answer from me. Of course, he looked away.

Like I said, we all make mistakes. But the thing is that when you do make mistakes, do you learn from it? Do you have some kind of guts to admit you fucked up?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Litte Here and There

The Patriots wins tonight, so here it is, we will meet you at home Tom Brady. (FYI: Brady = Hottest player in the league)


Aside from football, I finally dragged my ass out of bed this morning, and desperatedly made it to the gym, which, believe it or not, I don't even remember when the last time I visited this holy place. Recently, I take a close look at my level of tireness, amount of food I consume and last, but not least, the fact that I can't even see my toes anymore when looking down, yahhhh those were the last calls. I've got to work out.

Speaking of gym, there are always a few things I find very amusing every single time I step inside. There are almost aways a few types of people in there: ONE: A serious atheletes type. You know those who lift like 300 lbs and sweats their asses off in front of weight machines.'ve got some pictures. TWO: Those who try...very try to lose weights and you can tell, there's still a long way to go for them. (but hey! at least they are at the gym. First step right?) THREE: This group wants to stay healthy. There ain't nothing wrong with them. FOUR: Those who just get back to gym after...God knows how long. They look so damn tired. (I'm in this category lol) FIVE: Those who join the gym for social purposes. They ain't working out. They are checking people out and God forbid, they are checking themselves out too. This last one is the funniest.

Oh jeez.....tomorrow is Monday.

(photo courtersy of

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Finally, it was over for another week. I had been stressed in the past week, scared my ass off by those tough Ravens guys and their no.1 defensive in the league. A happy night for me: Colts is going to the AFC Championship next week. The playoff game we had tonight is one hell of the game--historically. I know all those Baltimore fans have left their stadium extremely disappointed, but hey, so much for all the yappie yappie talk through the last week. We end it least for another year. Even though the Colts used to be Baltimore Colts and yes, they packed their stuff and left town without notice, but but but, that was a long time ago. Get over it!!!

Love the subline in Indy Star website by Phillipe B. Wilson--"Twenty-three years later, the Colts have sucked the life out of this city again." (FYI: city = Baltimore)

Photo Courtesy by Matt Kryger, The Star


Surprisingly! I love watching Jackass. I remember watching the part one a few years ago, don't remember much about it, but pretty gross.

This one, part two, is even grosser I guess. BUT the 'dirty' side of me says, "yeah!!!! man! that's hilarious." Definitely something's wrong with me somewhere in my brain. Why do some people like hurting themselves, eating horse poops, drinking beer off their ass, and yeah, why do some people (such as me) like watching them doing so, and be entertained by it. Weird. How do some people (such as Stev-O) does that beer bong thing with his asses? I mean literally. How? I guess now God must be worried cuz' asses are made for only one thing, and I'm pretty sure that ain't for eating....that's for sure. Weird.

Now I've seen it. What does that make me? Jeezzzzzzz

Thursday, January 11, 2007

What I don't understand

1) Why is skydiving fun? (wanna be a bird? Try helicopter)
2) Why is bunjyjump fun? (have y'all ever heard of Final Destination?)
3) Why dating a married man? (you know he will never leave his so-called wife anyway.)
4) Why holding someone's hands forever? (believe me: recently I got to talk to this 40 something years old guy who swears he will hold his 35-year-old brother hands forever. I told him he can never do that. Someday he will die and what then. The guy told me, "oh! if I die, my brother'd die too." This is just plain pathetic!)
5) Why do people say the LOVE word so loosely?
6) Why is baseball fun to watch? (playing will be a different subject though.)
7) Why are some people so afraid of intervention? (like it's gonna be the end of the world.)
8) Why does matter if gay marriage will be legal? (none of anyone business to me.)
9) Why does one of the largest airlines like Northwest have a very bad customer service? (in my area.)
10) Why can't I read more?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Peer Pressure--Part One

Peer pressure is real.

I'm not really ashame to admit that my first try of alcohol happened due to peer pressure when I was a freshman at Chiang Mai University. It was kinda embarrassing though since most of my friends who had their first alcohol attempt happened to be indirectly forced to drink during those Thai ways of welcoming freshies. So they drank, drunk and passed out. Me personally, I was willing to. Alll of my buddies drank, so I did it too. I wanted to be 'cool.' I know I know. I then secretly blamed my first alcohol abuse on 'peer pressure.' It sounds as if it wasn't my fault lol.

Like I've mentioned in the previous..previous blog, I was then introduced to 'West End'--the finest (defined as cheapest) whiskey around with unknown origin whatsoever at a lived music bar called 'After Dark'--realizing years later how lame the name was (but back then, oh gosh, the name sounded hip as hell!) Most girl friends would mix WE with Cola, but weirdly, I went mixing it with soda. Since then, I've never mix whiskey with coke again. Still, don't know why exactly. I guess coke thicken the drink or something like that. I'm so glad my parents didn't get to see me in person back then because I was so 'out there' doing stuff even on the weekdays. My crush (remember that long hair guy?) was also a drummer at another bar, so that gave me another reason to go out even more often. I didn't even have a car back then, so my friends and I had to ride each other motorcycles around town--imagine some drunks girls on bikes at 4 in the morning. Picture perfect. The funny thing is that nobody mentioned anything about DUI (does Thailand has this DUI thing? I guess not, especially back then.) Looking back, I wonder how I've been alive until now.)

The saddest story of all must be this incident happened on one of those drunken nights. About 8 of us were out, drinking, partying--being drunk sluts in general lol. After leaving a bar, we all decided to grab a bite to eat and picnicing along Mae Ping River. It passed 3am. We were all full, deciding we would sing (FYI: We had some beer bottles and craps like that around too) using chop sticks, swinging them around like mental-illness group of crazies. We officially passed out along the river by a big road also. I didn't remember what time it was, but there was this police waking us all up, asking all these questions. They basically thought we were group of homelesses. After showing all CMU ID, we shamelessly left. It wasn't embarassing back then though since we were so tired, but everytime when I think about it, man!!! that was embarassing. Like I've said. It was peer pressure lol.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Killing Me Softly

Second week now I've been listening to this song over and over. There's something about it. My choice is Lauren Hill version.

"Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song
Telling my whole life with his words.
Killing me softly with his song.

I heard he sang a good song
I heard he had a style
And so I came to see him And listen for a while.
And there he was this young boy A stranger to my eyes.

I felt all flushed with fever
Embarrassed by the crowd.
I felt he found my letters And read each one out loud.
I prayed that he would finish But he just kept right on.

He sang as if he knew me In all my dark despair.
And then he looked right through me As if I wasn't there.
And he just kept on singing Singing clear and strong."

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Coming Monday

I'm sad. Tomorrow is Monday.

I took a long break in the past week to hang out with my sister and now Monday will be coming in a few hours. I've never liked Monday and that hate of Monday has expanded into Sunday hating as well. It doesn't matter how much I like my job, Monday is still a day from hell--lots of working awaiting, and plus my work engine has been cooling down during the weekend, and that to warm it up again, this will take a shit load of work and efford. Gosh I hate Monday.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

True Blue

The Indianapolis Colts' 23-8 AFC wild-card playoff victory over Kansas City Chiefs at the RCA Dome makes me extremely happy. We've managed to survive another week of the playoff. Next week, we will meet Ravens.

Enough with the good news. Steelers' head coach Bill Cowher resigns after 15 seasons with the Pittsburge Steelers--a job he probably could have held for life. This is so strange. Cowher is one of those very few reasons I have been keeping an eye on the team being aside from Indianapolis Colts. It's also funny cuz in the past, I had only cared about the Colts since it's a home team, and even remember when Steelers came to Indy to play Colts for our home game last year, I didn't even care. I even got a free great ticket to the game, but never went there. Until not too long ago, I have watched some of Steeler's games and players' profiles. This time, it was a little different. This team has personalities, and I mean, big time. Coach Cowher also has this big personalities. Watching him is like watching Cartoon Network. He is so lively. I've always told Dan how much I like this guy. He is fun to watch, regardless of the game situation.
I'm telling ya. I have a whole lots of reasons to be in love with football. lol

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Captain

I don't remember when the very first time was--the moment when I had my first sip of Captain Morgan.
I've never really been a really big of a drinker until my freshman year in Chiang Mai (well, this really has nothing to do with the rum or anything, but it's related.) Remember back then, my very first time drinking alcohol was when I was about 16 or 17, and it was some whiskey. Don't ask me why, but back then, it was pretty cool. "West End" I remember the name of it--some cheap whiskey originated from I-don't-even-know-where-until-now. We went to a live bar in Chiang Mai and that was what a friend brought with her because it was cheap. As time went by, my alcohol journey during my years up north had been upgraded to Red, Black and Chivas. They were all scotch/whiskey kind of family.
Once I got to the US, no one around me drank those anymore, so I had expanded to Tequila/Vodka and cheap beers categories--well pretty much anything at all, but never came close to rum for some odd reasons. Someone introduces me with this basic drink one night containing coke and rum. I then found out later it was Morgan's that gave all the 'taste.' It's strange you know. I tried Morgan's by itself a few times, but didn't even come close to like it. It has to be mixed with coke and yeah....all the taste buds and fun stuff go from there. Not sure why, but I can drink this stuff all night long for no reason. Someone once asks me why. I don't really know. I wouldn't say it tastes so good or anything like that, but it might be its aroma. I love Morgan's--one of my very few favorite drinks. The down side? The headache never fails me the morning after (well, this really depends on the time you do the bottom up, but hopefully no one would want to start drinking before 10 in the morning, right?)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Day After the Resolutions

After mentioning the New Year "Resolution," I celebrate it by following none of my resolution at all. I went to work, ate Baked Chicken Parmesan pasta at Fazoli's for lunch, ate countless of those dark chocolate as afternoon snacks (well close to amount of a working man meal) and finished off my day with greasy Chinese chicken and brocoli and hot n' sour and sesame chicken for dinner. Half and hour before I started writing this blog, I satisfied my needs by eating more of those dark choco with rasberry assortment and Pringle's. So much of the f--- resolutions by the way. WTF!!!!!!

Enough of that crap. Hearing the news about Thailand's New Year explosion, it makes me feel kinda weird. Well, we know it's bad, retarded and must be done by those cruel bastards, but hell, I honestly didn't think about the fact that the explosion had caused Thais to be on house arrest of New Year's Eve and didn't get to party, but feel more of like now, what is the Thai authority gonna do about it? Catch the bad guys? How? and What will they do about those bad guys? It is ashame to me to not having any faith in Thai authority anymore--not in term of not believing in their ability to find those badasses, but more of how will they handle the convict when they find them? More likely, if they have connection with people high up there in society, politically and financially, this matter will be ignored, will be forgotten. And correct me if I'm wrong. Thais forget so easily. Thais get mad so eruptedly, but that piss-off lasts probably for 3 days and then that's it. Thai people move on with their life.

I just don't understand. It's like if I plan to have a birthday party and if some motherf----r bombed my party, I would be so mad and I would hunt them down and once I catched them, they would wish they weren't never born. But heck, Thais are like, "oh! you ruined our party. I'm so mad. I won't talk to you for a second, but please come back and check on me in a few days, I will be fine." Same old. Same old.

(Photo Courtesy of AP)