Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Tired Saturday

I will feel like craps for the rest of the day--I already know from the feeling I had when I first got up this morning.

Went to Lulu's--a northside lounge--last night; being up until 4 in the morning. Three hours later, I dragged myself out to go to work. What a miserable life I have.....working on Saturday once again. Speaking of last night, I dressed down big BIG time for the spot. I literally wear a granny skirt (for comfy purposes) with a shirt and a flip-flop. When I got there, I knew I was unforgivably off. Definitely not a place to dress down because people may think you are picnicing. All I needed last night was a wooden basket filled with muffin, then I would have been completed as a picnic lady.

I will have a get together with a friend from work tonight. Not too sure how I will make it. Maybe a nap or so later on will do.

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