Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Bushido

Meaning "Way of the Warrior"--is a Japanese Code of Conduct and a way of the samurai life.Seven virtues of Bushido are below:


I find it very reasonable to follow the Bushido and practice them as a part of my lifestyle. I guess I just want to share.


Brunty said...

I trained in a martial arts called Zen Do Kai and we always followed the way of the Bushido or the way of the warrior.

I lived the 7 virtues not just at my dojo but also tried to implement them into life. At times it worked and others it didn't.

I finally was rewarded a Bushido cross after 5 years of hard training and living the way of Bushido.

If more people in the world today could implement these virtues into their lives our world would be better off.

I went to Japan to train at a Koryu and study Jujutsu and it was the toughest time of my life. I lived the way of Bushido or Samuria like I had never done before. I was awoken to an amazing world.

I have the 7 virtues tatooed on my body.

I still try and implement these into my life though I do not train in self defence anymore.

It was great to stumble across this post as I take these virtues as granted now.

I wish you the best in living the way of the warrior.

Pondering said...

I'm intrigued by the value of these virtues. They are so valuable and sure help with everyday living. They are what I *want* to go by, but sure are hard at times. How does that work out for you? Any success?

Brunty said...

Ponderer, These virtues were drilled into me by my Roku Dan
6th Dan instructor.

I didn't take them seriously at first and I learnt the hard way early on how serious they were and how we needed to follow them.

They awakened me to an amazing world

Also this was sacred in Japan by a legendary swordsman.

"This is the Way for men who want to learn my strategy:

Do not think dishonestly

The Way is in training

Become acquainted with every art

Know the Ways of professions

Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters

Develop intuitive judgment and understanding for everything

Perceive those things which cannot be seen

Pay attention even to trifles

Do nothing which is of no use."

The second year of Shoho (1645), the fifth month, the twelfth day. SHINMEN MUSASHI Go Rin No Sho

Today I still use these virtues but at times they are forgotten and are also not followed so religiously as when I was studying and also teaching the amazing art of self defence.

I had students come to the dojo to train, it was always hard to get them to understand the tradition and the importance of these virtues.

New students were tolerated for a time but soon they were bought into line and the virtues needed to be followed. I had to install into them by living these virtues in front of them and also outside of the dojo as if I as their teacher didn't live by them why would they.

Pondering said...

Wow..your explaination is just simply amazing! Some people perceive martial arts as another fighting technique, not a self defense nor the way of life. That is the problem.

Following all of seven virtues is a challenge, though I believe they are the ways a valuable life should be.

BTW: your personal blog is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wow this was a intimate post.. I' m enjoying it.. good resource