Thursday, November 30, 2006


When will people start to realize that drinking/ driving are an extreme stupid combo?

No I'm not saying I haven't done that before, but that when I was so immature, young and stupid. As I get older, media and authorities start to stricten laws and increasing my knowledge about what's so bad about driving while being drunnk, so I stop--completely. If I have been drinking, I will make sure I don't drive. If I know I have to drive, but wanna drink anyway, I will give it at least an hour and a half to sober up before putting myself behind the wheel. Or I will drink light and give myself time to sober up anyway. Worst case, if I wanna get wasted, I will drink at home. But some people don't have that mentality, they just plain drunk and don't care. So many news out there about this stuff, so many examples why they shouldn't do it, but oh well...that doesn't stop people at all. Personally, I believe these reasons should be enough for you to act like a responsible adult:

Reasons not to drink and drive:
1) Will kill yourself
2) Will kill others.

If above isn't enough to convince your stupidities, below are some more:
1) Your dead body after match will definitely look like pieces of leftover meats at a slaughter house.
2) Your dead body will be seperated in pieces and that your arms and legs might not be found.
3) You will cause your mom and dad to cry once they realize how stupid you turn out to be.

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EVnoott said...

They know damn well all those reasons but they beleive the accident won't happen to them.

Or they know damn well but forget all about it when they are drunk and think the accident won't happen to them.

Or they know damn well but don't give a damn if they would cause any deaths, either their own or others.

It could be anything but one thing for sure, they know damn well.