Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why Do People Eat These Craps?

Never once I considered myself picky when comes down to food. But that is an ancient story.

Today, I've made it an official day, Saturday November 25, 2006, I admit, well sort of, I am kinda picky of what I am about to indulge. I need to know exactly what it is made of, where it is coming from and what it is gonna taste like. I just need to do a history check. No I'm not talking about those damn ducks anymore. I'm talking about food in general.

So many people out there have been mentioned in the past that I am picky as hell. I won't eat this and that when most people eat them. I just don't. Most of them have to do with meat or something that is once alive, can cry or make noise. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy meat. But meat? My exceptable meats have to be fully cooked. I don't care how expensive that piece of fish at a Japanese restaurant is or how great it tastes raw, I don't care. I want them cooked or I won't eat it. Especially with beef, pork, chicken, they are required to be cooked. They can be steaks or whatever fancy dishes in a french restaurant, they all better be cooked or I will not touch them. Aside from that, all meats I eat have to be strictly the meat part only--no liver, kidney whatsoever. Those are just plain gross. I only eat beef, pork, chicken, fish and shrimp. Other animals beside those 5, it is forbidden to me. They are not necessary for my brain or my taste buds. I think my imagination is too high that I will have this pictures going on when I eat something strange. Last time when someone makes a comment on my pickiness was yesterday when I went to work at a Thai restaurant. We were standing in the kitchen to be exact. Conversation goes:

Other: "Hey! come here, have you ate yet?"
Me: "What a good timing! I'm so hungry. What have you got?" (excitingly)
Other: Didn't say nothing, but pointed towards the dish in front of him.
Me: "What the hell is that?"
-----------------------The dish looks like some kinds of Laos' bloody beef salad or something worse than that.
Me: "Er...I don't think I'm hungry anymore. Do you have anything else?"
Other: "Come on, what's wrong with this? It's good."
Me: "I don't wanna talk about it. Do you have something else?"
Other: " this" (while handing me something grilled.)
Me: "What, grease balls?"
Other: "It's a grilled beef. You dip with fish sauce."
Me: "I know, but where is the beef part? All I can see is fat, fat and more fat."
Other: "It's good this way. You dip in fish sauce and eat with sticky rice. Why, don't you like fat"
Me: "Damn right! Who like fat, huh?"
Other: "Me and definitely the rest of the south east asia." (while looking at me strangely.)
Me: "You probably will die because of heart attack 5 minutes after you take a bite off this
grease ball. Good luck with that!"
Other: " are so picky. Why don't you get the hell out of here and make your own
Me: "I didn't mean to offend you."
Other: "Whatever"
Me: "Fine."


Melissa said...

Your food stories made me laugh. The duck rice does sound nasty, even though I love duck. Duck has too much fat to cook rice in it...yuck.

EVnoott said..., if you spend more time with these people, I am sure you will defintely lose a lot of weight!! Coz you won't eat anything at all :D