Sunday, November 12, 2006

Successful Night? Well...getting there

So after the DJ night has been running for a while, getting more people to come in and drink. I've decided to resign for a night without working. I took off my apron and started my night with a glass of Morgan's and Coke. Man...this stuff tastes really good. It's been a while since last time I really drank. I never like beers. They taste gross. I don't really like any cocktails...martini and all that, but rum and coke?'s good. So that night, I was pretty FUCKED UP.

Anyway, when alcohol is in your system, chances are: you will end up doing something's the word for it?.....interesting! Some turn to be extrovert. Some turn hyperactive. Some get all critical. As of me? I turn to be a retard--and I mean big time. (and I will leave it as that people. Never want to explain it in details.)

But here is my take. So I tried to be a responsible adult since apparently I had gotta drive home. I drank LOTS of water. Did it help? Kind of. But it wouldn't have helped much if you take a sip of water along with a chug of rum. Nah....I wouldn't say that would help. Some people say alcohol is bad. I don't think so as long as you drink responsibly (literally, and I'm not an example for that though.) Discover one good mixture: diet mountain dew, vodka, kool-aid. Shake them well. Drink over ice. This can be done for under $10 and for a party over 10. Cheap stuff.

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EVnoott said...

Hm...I miss the time when we went to that place, what's the name? Totally forgot the name of that pub near BSU.

And I miss Ole too. Have you heard from him? I learned from your blog that he's coming back to Thailand but don't know when. Do you have any update on that? Let me know too.

It's been a real long time since I had last alcohol but I remember what I had, long island ice tea!

Hm..I have some memory about long island ice tea, romantic one. Huh...when will I have a chance to drink and have that kind of fun again?? I growing old?? T_T