Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Great New Found Drink!

FLIRTINI people. It's called "Flirtini."
I discovered this drink last weekend, accidentally, by stealing a zip (well actually, the whole glass) from a friend. As much as I only like plain drink (that the only purpose is to get you drunk, ) I have to surrender to this flavourful martini (FYI: Hate the concept of martini in general. I don't like being prissy drinker. As beautiful as martini glass looks, it is incapable to hold a lot of liquid in there.)

Cointreau 1 oz.
Champagne Top with
(Piper Heidsieck)
Vodka 3/4 oz.
Pineapple Juice 2 oz.
Cranberry Juice (optional)

Shake all ingredients except champagne in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass with two ice cubes (optional) Top up with champagne.
Good Side of Martini:
1) Taste like pure juice (since alcohol content isn't that high compared to other hardcore drinks)
2) Make you pretty (if you are slightly pretty then this will maximize that.)
3) Make you feel a little more sophisticated (since the glass and the color are all up high and usually martini costs more than a beer for an obvious reason.)
4) Creat talk between you and the bartender (only if he is hot!)
Bad Side of Martini:
1) Damn expensive (look at alcohol content you get out of those $8!)
2) Damn expensive (look at how many of those you have gotta drink to get drunk!)
3) Make you feel like a prissy little sorority girl (I consider this 'bad.')
4) Hard to find (probably can't get it at a sport bar!)

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EVnoott said...

Yeah..I think it's too lady but that's from the look. Gotta taste it sometimes.