Monday, November 20, 2006

Things I Thank for...

I've said negative things about life in general in many blogs ago. Since the Thanksgiving is approaching, I have made a list of things I'm thankful for:

1) A Great Family: I have one hell of a great family, start off from my parents, my grandparents (all passed away), my siblings, aunts and uncles. They are great people, love me and support me. I know when I look back, they are always there for me with no doubt.
2) Great Friends: I have a lot of friends and good friends, but very few great friends. When I say they are great, I mean same as family. I've met all of my great friends from grades school to high school, from college to post college. I value quality over quantity.
3) A Great Boyfriend: Dan is awesome! He is not only my BF, but also my best friend, and honestly if you asked me about him 6 years back, I wouldn't have said that, but turn out, he is one fine man. Every time I turn around, I know he's there and I just love that feelings.
4) A Great Ear: You know what I mean. This is not plural. I have only one good ear, which is the right (from the surgery.)
5) Food and Water: I've never struggled.
6) A Place to Live: I've never struggled.
7) A Faith: I believe a man/ a woman without faith is like one without a soul. I'm thankful for the faith I've always had, which keep my going.
9) Many Little Things in Life: People I have met along the way, lessons I learn daily, mistakes I've made, love I have given, love I have received, and friendship.
10) Advanced Medicines: This may sound a little funny, but without those technologies and allergy medication, I really can't imagine what would have happened to me right now.

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you're welcome.