Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Damn Sinus!

After suffering from ear popping, pressure and discomfort for a total of 10 days now, I decided that I am in a case of emergency and need to call that nurse from hell.

Ten days ago, I woke up with moderate ear pressure. You know that same feeling of ear fullness just like when you sit in the airplane. In that case, you would chew up Mentos or something chewy to reduce the pressure. But in my case, I can chew the whole Mentos factory and it still doesn't do a damn thing. RN suggested me to use Nasel Spray and take decongentant daily, in case it is caused by my sinus and allergy. She definitely didn't wanna see me.

Today, 10 days later, I realize I can't stand this crap anymore. After talking to the hell nurse, I was recommended to go see a family doctor to check for ear infection. A few hours and two magazines later, I was told I have middle ear infection caused by sinus. According to the MD, virus in my sinus travels to my operated ear causing it to be infected. Great! "so am I gonna have this infection forever since I will be having sinus infection for the rest of my life?" I asked the doctor. I hate this damn sinus crap. It's ruined half of my life already!!! I can't be having this ear infection on and off just because your sinus virus decides to take a holiday trip to my ear!!!!!

So now, I'm stuck with some more antibiotic meds, decongestant meds, and 2 nasal sprays. Agian, back with lots of pills. Speaking of how much meds I've been taken, thank God, I was born in this century when all the miracle chems are made and created in a form of easy tablets--just to be chucked along with water.

Just for fun thoughts:
Case One: if I was born, say, millions years ago, I would have probably died since I was 9 years old due to allergy since no cave man knew what allergy was.
Case Two: Say, if I was born half million years ago, all my meds would have been replaced by some weird looking/ smells-like-crap herbs. I would have ended up dead by the age of 13 due to diarrhea along with severe depression.


EVnoott said...

What a terrible experience!

I don't want you to have those for the rest of your life. The technology is growing fast each day, I am sure they will find the way to heal you completely.


Melissa said...

Your "just for fun thoughts"...haha hehe.

Actually I don't think you would have had allergies back then...I think they're more common now due to stresses on our immune system from our modern environment...though maybe not!

Pondering said...

Yeah...when I really think about it, allergies, mostly, caused by pollution and little other things, in which, back in time, there is really no pollution AT ALL.

Maybe I was born too late....lol

Lis said...

Damn.. sorry to hear that, I'm experiencing that myself now.

I share the room with my boss at the office, and when it comes to the air conditioner temperature.. man.. he's crazy. He knows I suffer from sinus, but he won't turn that shit off... it's always on the north pole mode.