Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fun Nights of Restauranteurs

Many restaurants and bar owners have told me to think about the concept of watching at other people having fun while you are working before jumping into the restaurant industry. They suggest me asking myself these two questions: Are you willing to work while other are out there having a good time? Or would you rather having a good time and not working?

If you fall into the second one, then stop your thought about being in restaurant business ASAP. That ain't happening. You will be working on weekends and holidays when your friends are off work. You will be working long hours when other are hanging out, relaxing. Yes, you will have those fun times too, but it will fall into 'slow' days..like Monday and Tuesday when nobody wanna hang out cuz they have gotta work. Basically, you will either hang with those who are in the same business or those who are unemployed.

So tonight was a party night for all of those restauranteurs I know. Many of my friends have asked me if I am really serious about being in this industry. My answer right now is yes, pretty much. I've never felt more alive and this happy for years. Maybe I have found another thing in life I enjoy aside from photography. Yah...I guess....for now. Soon I will be a part of this soon-will-open new/hip restaurant and bar in the northside and we will see what happen. I can see this is actually happening and getting more interesting.

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EVnoott said...

It's good to hear a lot of comment from many people before actually doing anything but, sometimes, they just confuse you more.

Glad to know, you still insist in doing the restaurant businesss. I also wanted to do some business but I always end up sleeping in my comfy bed/couch during my free time.

Go for it, soo tai ka!!