Thursday, November 02, 2006


What I am going to say will sound so lame, but I will say it. Today is marked my very first day in a long time that someone actually tells me right up front that I am hot. hahaha (ok friends...just laugh ok? I know I know.) And you know what I said, "really? are you sure?" Okay...I know what you are thinking. What kinda retarded response one can give, really? are you sure?

I'm not a kinda girl someone would normally categorize as a hot material. Cute maybe. So today has been my best day for this average looking female. But hell....why did I come back with a below-average-IQ person's response? This will haunt me forever. Oh and the guy goes: "seriously, you are really pretty." Okay now my self-esteem is higher than ever. I think I will enter myself into a model search tomorrow.

Note: same goes to when someone says to you: I love you, and you go: "oh! thank you." What the hell?


EVnoott said...

Hahahaah, that's hilarious. You really got me there, I did laugh!!

It's kind of nice when somebody tell you so but when, where, and why are the important factors. Most of the time, the guy says so just because he wants to get lucky!! if you know what i mean!

The reaction, well, I did similar thing when somebody say I am sexy or hot or anything like that. Mine was 'Huh? Are you mentally ill?' I also did the 'oh, thank you' to the 'i love you'. I think it's much better than when I say 'i love you' and he responses with kisses and later on he says 'i care about you'. Bullshit!

Overall, I think it's pretty acceptable to say 'oh, thank you' or 'really? are you sure?' or things like that.

Or do you have any better response in mind? Enlighten me.

Pondering said...

Nope still cant come up with something smart to say since it is EXTREMELY RARE occasion. It's like a semi-annual thing so.....

Last last time I once said, "ok" then look away.

As far as response for 'I love you,' I don't know. Not so many say that to me. lol

OakMonster said...

Heh. Me too, sister.

"You talkin' to me?"...
"Are you drunk?" or "Are you high?"

One of those, followed by hearty laughter and "Why, thank you. You're so sweet!"

Hey, girlfriend. When you're hot, YOU'RE HOT! Go with it. Bring that sexy back! Hahaha.

I have always thought I'm plain but cute. I didn't think I was much of anything to look at, but my hubby is quite a sweet talker. Hehe. So, once you believe that you're hot, you can have so much fun with it. ;-)

(P.S. You have my email addres, so spill the beans about the other post!)

Melissa said...

Everyone needs a boost like that! Once a guy in a bar said to me "you're hot" and I said "you're drunk!". Oh well! Next time someone says that to you, say "well yes, I know!". tee hee

oh, my email address is below, i want to hear the details haha.

EVnoott said...

See? That's the normal response so we are okay. ;)

Pondering said...

I will email y'all