Saturday, November 18, 2006

One Night in Broad Ripple

9:00pm: Man...last night Dena's Sea Bass in Clam-Cream sauce was awesome!!! It's been while that I actually eat a great dish that I basically almost licked the whole plate up. I got to Bleecker Street around 9pm with Dena who co-owns the restaurant and bar with her ex-husband. New York style deco isn't bad at all actually. Mainly black wall, bricks based and lots of photos of NYC building totally take me away.

10:00pm: We saw Dena's ex sitting with his new little girlfriend. I was thinking...what an ass! Why would he bring his new GF to a place of business that basically his ex wife and sons work there. The girl is so young....literally younger than his youngest son. You see this picture. The solely reason the girl is with him is clear---money.

10:30pm: Dena's son walked in. You see this half Caucasian/ American, half Jordanian who is super cute.

11:00pm: We relocated to the Usual Suspect next door since the music at Bleecker Street was getting pretty loud. The next door bar reminded me of those upscale bar in Bangkok. Only that, the bartender is extremely cute. I told Dena, she definitely needed to recruit this Jake guy for her new restuarant.

12midnight-3am: We didn't wanna go anywhere anymore. Since Dena's knows the owner, all drinks were pretty much free. This was probably the first night in a very very long time, I actually drank wine. Even though the place wasn't that fun or anything, it was a great place to hang out since it wasn't very crowded and loud.

3:10am: Okay...I should have expected this coming. My car and Dena's were parked behind Bleecker Street. Before leaving Usual Suspect, Dena whispered me that she wanted to go inside Bleecker again to see her ex. I didn't even have seen it coming. Once we walked inside, Dena went straight to the young girl who was with her ex. The conversation (if you wanna call it 'conversation' went like this:
Dena: (hugging the girl) Hey do you know who am I?
Girl: (giggle) No..I don't know who the hell you are. (for the record, she knows.)
Dena: You know....B**** You know you are younger than my youngest son? That is sick.

--------conversation went on while I was standing uncomfortable. By the time I knew it, I was calling out for Dena's son (who is a bar manager there) that this may be time for him to stop 'the conversation.' Her ex though dragged Dena back into the kitchen asking what the hell she was doing. We left a little later, but sat in my car with light off staking the situation. Yes..seems that Dena's little mission was completed. The two were fighting and that they didn't know we were watching.

3:40am: I was driving back home, thinking...."gosh...divorce is something you really don't want in your life."


EVnoott said...

Divorce is something nobody welcomes into their lives.

We broke up.
We got divorce.
Does it hurt more with the legal commitment?

Pondering said...

Lots of headaches huh?

Anonymous said...

You damn right.. No one would love or even imagine "divorce" but it is just one of the life's packages. Sometimes you buy one but you get one free!

Pondering said...

Man! that buy one get one free is scary as hell.

Anonymous said...

Rocky marriage is like living with cancer. U gotta cut the part or you are living with it- foreover.
Pro-divorce headaches are expected but it is better than you're a cancer patient with no life.

Anonymous said...

As for the scary notion: the real thing is much scarier! the wording is just a teaser ad!

Pondering said...

oh yeah...I agree. The thing is that most people get divorce but still carry over more feelings with them towards another person. Meaning, more problems to be expected.