Friday, November 24, 2006

When Turkey doesn't Taste like Turkey

So back from the road to Thanksgiving! Alive and 5 more pounds.

I will make it quick. I'm not a very big Thanksgiving foods fan, but since I would be eating free, didn't have to cook and wasn't obligated to wash dishes, I had no right to complain. During the line up, I was trying to contemplate what I was gonna eat (for those who don't really know, I am only fond with mashed potatoes.) The host insisted that I must eat their Turkey. They said I'd like it since there were two kinds--smoked and regular (what they didn't know was how much I dislike Turkey.) But since I didn't have much to say (and another option was ducks!!! Yuck!!!), I settled with a little piece of Turkey with LOTS of gravy on top of it to delete all the flavour from the big bird itself (what a shame!) Turned out, it was pretty successful. Turkey didn't taste like Turkey at all with all the sea of gravy, mixed with mashed potatoes and stuffing. Everyone was happy. I looked at a person right next to me, oh...there was this season rice going on. Damn! that looked good, so I made my next move. I scooped those rice, and ate them. All I could say was: this crap was one of the nasiest things I've ever had in my life. People around catched my reaction you know. Conversation went like this:

My tought: "What the fuck is this shit?" (with strong facial expression)
Other: "What's wrong?"
Me: " Er....nothing. But what is this?" (while trying to swallow those rice and pointed)
Other: "Rice Pilaf."
Me: " I know, but what kind of spices you put in it?"
Other: " Oh..just pepper and salt."
Me: "Are you sure? I'm sure I taste something else too."
Other: "What? What do you mean?"
Me: "I don't know..that's why I ask you. It definitely doesn't taste like salt and peper."
Me: "It has this smell and grease and....................."
Other: "Oh those rice were stuff in the duck. It's from the duck."
Me: "............................................"

That damn duck! Jesus, that's why. That's why it tasted so disgusting. I hate duck and I just ate something that came straight from inside the damn duck!!!!! Are you all crazy? Man! That explains. You know several years ago, I've sworn not to touch anything 'duck' again in my life. I don't care how good of a chef you are, I just don't wanna mess with it. But yesterday, I was tricked into it and yes, ducks, they never fail to make me wanna puke--not once. Before this time, the last time I had a piece of duck was when I went to a famous chinese restaurant in Bangkok and my mom insisted me to try their famous Paking Ducks (you know, those roast ducks that you basically eat only their crispy skin with some ....well...something. Lots of people love it, but not me.) I've never ran to the bathroom that fast in my life. As you can guess, I puked my ass off and from that moment on, I know how much I hate it. Until yesterday people, until yesterday. This duck-taste stuff kills Turkey. It makes Turkey taste like something from heaven. That bad, you guys. That bad.


EVnoott said...

I feel sorry for you but, sorry, it's really funny, couldn't help laughing.

That's over now so you can start to enjoy eating what you love.

Happy after Thanksgiving.

Pondering said...

Thanks! P'Pung: you don't even understand it. Not trying to exaggerate here, but I still taste it in my's so tastes like something I can't even explain.

EVnoott said...

Ok, got it.

Poor poor duck, it can't do anything good, can't walk straight, can't fly so high, can't swim so well, can't even please people with its own meat!!

Duckie, be chicken next time.

Pondering said...

I feel bad for ducks too. They shouldn't have been picked to be human's food in the first place. They look much much better in the pond....hahaha