Thursday, November 16, 2006

I hate that BIAAAACH

Let me just say how much I hate that dumb nurse working for my hot doctor!!!

The sad thing is I will have to remain in contact with her as long as I continue to go this same doctor. Sadly, he is hot and he is the one who operated my ear, so with these two combined, I will have to continue to see him, and yes, that nurse from hell.

When you have an operation, it's nothing like having a cold. There are tons of concerns, questions and follow-ups. Meaning, asides from the doc (who is always busy) I have to talk to the nurse whom I hate. Why do I hate her? Okay, here is the deal. Now...delete all the picture perfect of those kind and friendly and considerate ideal nurse you have in mind. This one is something different. So like I said, having a surgery isn't like having a cold. You will end up with lots of cares, questions and so on. Since I didn't go to med school or anything close to that, I definitely have lots of questions. I will ask. Why? Because it is my damn ear, and if I go deaf, yes, it is me who have to suffer later. Back to the nurse from hell, oh man, she hates answering questions. She is so jumpy and just has no patience like she's supposed to have. Lately, my ear acts all weird with pressure and stuff. I called and realized that I need certain medications. This girl is just too lazy to do all the work. She is not willing to work with my insurance to sort things out, simply because she 'feels' it will take her hours (reality check, this will take her like 5 minutes.) To make a long story short, I hung up the phone from her thinking, maybe it is the time for me to give up the hot doc, for a much better thing. People have told me I should discuss the matter with the doc, but hell, that hot dude doesn't know nothing. He probably is too busy to catch up with the latest news. I will not even bother to try.

Lesson Learned: Not all nurses are nice.


EVnoott said...

I remember when I worked at thai restaurant in Reseda, CA. There was a guy didn't like me very much. He was in this more-than-5-members family who always came to the restaurant exactly at the closing time and the damn owner told me to serve them.

They were too kind, eating and speading food all over the table and on the floor, probably for the ants and roaches. And they alwasy left a buck on the table before leaving. Man, I had to sweep and clean their mess for a buck!

So everytime I saw this family coming, I had the 'face' and it's probably obvious so they know. Other members in the family didn't care but this guy showed his didn't like me much and hardly came to eat at the restaurant.

When I saw his face, I knew he knew I didn't like his family and I just came to realize for the first time that someone really hated me. I started to think about how I acted with them and felt sorry about it. They must have had a reason why they came at this hour everytime. Maybe it's the only time all family could be together and enjoy dinner together. I thought about only good reasons and ignore the bad ones so I could serve them with good mood.

Your story and mind are totally different coz that nurse was just a lazy bitch. Instead of talking to the hot doc, why don't you talk to her face before moving on? That could be interesting. :D

Pondering said...

That nurse and I have come a long way. We could build a history together. I know she hates me asking so many questions so since then, I have asked even more questions just to pissed her off. lol.

Speaking of your story, since I've worked in a restaurant, there are always those 'people' who always come in 5 minutes before closing. I don't know why.