Saturday, November 11, 2006

Take It Easy

I realize today that I better start taking it easy--not moving too much, not lifting too much, and not trying to get myself tired too much. My ear will be killing me.

Did I mention I went back to the MD to for my ear surgery follow-up? The thing is that, apparently, the incition in my ear is still swollen. Meaning, there are still some pressures in there. Meaning, I will be right back to the surgery room if it's still gonna be swollen in the next two months. Meaning, if I don't take it easy, I will send myself right back into the same spot I was almost 2 months ago. Meaning, I will be depressed again! Definitely, not looking forward to that. MD gives me another option, once the 2 months period is up, I will go back to see him again. If it's not getting any better, I will be ordered to be on the bed rest. "BED REST" em...sounds very comfy and all, but do you know the concept of bed rest? Think a pregnant woman with a complication. An obgyn will make that gal to stay in bed only and that's all. In my case, I will be in bed for a week. Thinking about being in bed for a week and only get off bed to the bathroom and eat only. No it doesn't sound very inviting to me. So at this moment, I will need to change to avoid that. Bed rest is almost the last thing I want. But getting back to the surgery thing is definitely the last thing I want.

This is definitely hard for me to do less of my routine. Look, I am not the most hard-working/ the most active person in the world, but hell, this is definitely hard. Not sure what to do yet. emmmmmmmm

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