Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Too Many, Too Little Time

In the past weeks, I've found myself wanting to do a whole lot of things with little time I have. For the first time in my life I wish it would have been nice if I had more than 24 hours a day. Meaning, I will still get to sleep about 8 hours, run errands, do bunch of craps I wanna do and still have some times left to catch up with some readings.

Since there is only 24-hour period, lately, I have slept less, play less and on top of that, still trying to jungle a million thing all at once. Good side: I am still pretty happy. Bad side: I only get to do a little at a time. I get to go a little of everything and at the end of the day, I often ponder, "heck! I have done a lot today, but none of them is completed!" The problem I see is that: it still keeps me going, preventing me from getting bored. I see that as a problem because then I feel that I haven't really done my best...why? because I have no time! Damn it!

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EVnoott said...

Cut the crap, and you'll be surprised how you can do things effectively and productively in 8 hours.