Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Road to the Thanksgiving

So my sister decides not to join me over at Dan's house for Thanksgiving. Apparently, I will be traveling alone to this little event to me, but big for most people around.

We will be leaving this late afternoon and pretty much will be hanging out until the big meal tomorrow. The thing about Thanksgiving and turkey is that: I've never like Turkey. Well sort of. Several years back, I was ok with turkey--it tastes just like chicken with lots of white meats. Until one of my friends pointed it out, " kinda taste like chicken, but not exactly." Then I started to sense the differences between the two. Turkey gives me the "vibe" of a stronger chicken-smell. I can't explain it. Just like ducks. I've never like duck--not once. In duck's case, no one has pointed it out. Everybody I know love ducks. Some say, "maybe you haven't had a good ducks yet." Oh believe me, I have given ducks so many trails. From the street stalls to home cooks, from high-ended restaurants to those who only specialize in making good ducks, nah....I still hate it. Ducks taste strange as well as turkey. So now my road to Thanksgiving, I heard that someone will make Turkey and ducks, damn me. I will have to start praying for the next available meat--ham...maybe.

If I will ever held my own Thanksgiving dinner, sorry folks, I will probably skip turkey. And that my Thanksgiving will be strange as hell.


EVnoott said...

Thanksgiving just reminded me of the party at P'Sue's. Good food, nice garden, and definitely nice company (or not??).

OakMonster said...

You can make prime rib, or rib roast, or roasted chicken! Any gigantic, takes all day to make meal will qualify for a Thanksgiving feast!

I only like dark meat turkey. Unlike my taste in men, I am never that in to white meat. Heehee. ;-D

Anonymous said...

yeaah the turkey sausage in the US sucks! As for Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey, I guess it is bearable (well, just for that night!). Hope I join your party one day. It must be great... Turkey-free Thanksgiving.

Pondering said...

Oh...the weird thing is that I've always like only "white" meat, lol, but for some reasons, Turkey doesn't make the cut here.

So folks....I will have my own Turkey-free Thanksgiving dinner someday and please join me.