Sunday, November 05, 2006

Life Dependency

Gosh...I am usually pretty good at blogging--if not will be every other day. My computer crashed on Thursday afternoon purely because of my dumbass. So I was sitting on the couch, just like any other time I use a laptop (see the word "LAP" top? I literally use it as it's called.) I placed my LAPtop on my LAP...trying to jungle between a cup of coke and pen and paper and computer on. That minute, before I knew it, I spilled half of coke on my lap and laptop, another half (evenly) on the table, carpet, my sweatshirt , my sweat pants. Guess my first instinct? I paused for a very long time then said "fuck! fuck! fuck! I slowly walked to the kitchen to grab a towel. I started drying up all the spills on table, carpet and go change a whole new clothes...15 minutes later, I FINALLY realized that "damn! what about the computer?" Looking down at a soaking wet laptop, I did wipe the screen first. Looking at the keyboard....Jesus Christ! I some times can be a very slow thinker and a slow multi-tasker. Take this clean-the-other-craps-first-before-cleaning-the-most-expensive-material-as-we-call-it-a-laptop as an example. What was I thinking? Shouldn't I have worried about the laptop first before the carpet? Apparently, that didn't come to my mind at the time. Damn me.

Now I start to worry about my life during emergency time. I guess once some craps happen, I probably end up doing some stupid thing. No priority involved. What was I thinking?

This laptop is pretty much dead right now, but works from time to time depending on its moods. Today, my laptop is in a great mood so it works. Tomorrow, you just never know.

PS: for those of y'all who have given me emails to hear about my self-control crisis. Okay...Let me sleep through it tonight and will email y'all tomorrow.


EVnoott said...
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EVnoott said...

In my life, I've never screwed things up, not a single thing. I am not crumsy, very well-organized. Never break a thing.

Not that I want to make you feel bad for your negligence but you should be proud of yourself. Making mistakes makes you stronger and more tolerent to the consequences of the damage that you have caused to others, and to yourself.

Oh well, I am just bullshitting you. Be careful next time!!

Will wait to enjoy your crisis.

p.s. the comment I deleted was the same as this one, just some correction of some spelling.

OakMonster said...

Note to self: laptop should be place as far away from any type of liquid as possible. :)

As a wife of a computer guy, I'd strongly suggest you start backing up off that machine, pull out EVERYTHING you have while it's working. Because you never know when it decides to die altogether and you may never see your data again.

Melissa said...

Sometimes the computer will just dry out and work ok....fingers crossed for you!

Pondering said...

I am officially entering a computer-USER only zone. No knowledge of any kind of computer-related technical stuff..I only use it, break it then cry out for help. lol