Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Bad

Seriously (not very literally..I just wanna start off my blog with a cool/ intense word lol,) if I have to name certain things I am bad about (I think everyone should do this kinda listing once in a while in order to better self, aside from what you are good about.)--the list will go on like this:

1) I am an EXTREMELY indecisive person, and I mean...very very indecisive. I find myself, several times, that I know what I want, but not exactly sure. It takes me a while to go on with 'pros' and 'cons' and almost always end up doing to 'cons' things.
2) I am a good liar (well yeah, I categorize this as a 'bad' thing.) Really, I am really good. I can have things planned out and make a movie of it. I've realized this quality of me since a few years back while ponder..."damn...I'm good." Sometimes I feel bad for it, but most of the time, I am okay with my lying decision. Gosh...this is bad.
3) I am a plan B person. Usually, my plan A is almost always better, but B sounds much better so I randomly skip the better A plan and go with B. More likely, it ends up as a dumb decision.
4) I mostly follow my heart not head. Now this can be a good thing, but hey...some times your head is just smarter. I often let my evil side of me take a hold of everything. I feel good, but never fails to kick my ass real hard later.
5) I over think..way tooooo much! I think this quality is a result from number 1, 2 and 3. Even picking up a bite from McDonald's. Before I make a trip, I have already thought about what kinda meal I want and what it will taste like. This shit will make me crazy someday.
6) I can be very judgemental. But I have a good side on this stuff. I never let my judgement out in public. I will think think and think (see number 5.)

Okay..this is all for now. I will continue later (since this can go on forever.) The more I make the list, the more it will come out and everybody will hate me for it. Need to stop before I start having this self-pity.


EVnoott said...

It takes courage to write about your bad habits and let your friends read them. However, I don't think those are the worst things that you are. C'mon, spill them all out.

Let's talk about your worst mistakes or worst fear sometimes. Could be interesting. ^^

Pondering said...

Oh..I'm still too afraid to talk about my REAL bad side...haha