Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Eve

(Photo Courtesy: Robert Scheer/ The Star)
This year must have been the most chill New Year of all time. I stay home like an old maid, eat a lot, and watch more football. How exciting!!! Anyway, the Colts win over Dolphins tonight--all good to me.

I have been thinking about New Year Resolutions. As much as I hate to have one or two or three (since there is a big chance my resolutions will more likely go down drain a few days after the New Year,) I feel that I am obligated to join the club. So I've listed some. They are the any other year people...same old craps.

1) Exercise 3-4 times a week (yeah yeah yeah) Do you guys know I've joined the gym and used about 10% of the money spent.
2) Eat less fast food. I'm talking about limiting to once every two weeks. (yeah yeah yeah)
3) Eat less fried food. I'm talking about limiting to once every week only. (yeah yeah yeah)

Only three for now. If I can only make one of them lasts for more than 1 week, I'd already be so proud of myself already!!!


EVnoott said...

New Year resolutions, that's cool!
It's Jan 2 and I still have no resolution. I guess I am too lazy or already fully satisfied.. Well, more likely the first one..

Huh....New Year 2550, did you hear about the explosions in BKK?

Pondering said...

Yeah...I think I need to renew my resolutions on monthly basis.