Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Restaurant Lesson

1) To never ever let the kitchen supplies like foods to run out and try to purchase them in the last minute--ever! You have to do the inventory everyday or every other day to make sure the kitchen is fully stocked.
2) To never ever take the money out of the cash register for some stupid reasons such as buying a pair of shoes. Those cash must go towards the restaurant first before generating to other personal areas.
3) To never ever give out free alcoholic drinks for some stupid reasons such as trying to show off you are cool. This will leave you will low to no profit at all at the end of the day. Liquors helps generating higher profits, but at the same time, they can push you to the other end.
4) To never ever rely on only words of mouth. Something we call media must be used.
5) To never ever be a lazy ass, especially if you are the one who runs the business. Not enough money, go work!!! Not enough money, cut back on luxurious employee cost and do it yourself.
6) To never ever let your customers sitting around waiting for their meals for a very long time, especially during lunch time. This is crucial. Most people have only 1 hour lunch break. If they have to wait for no longer than 20 minutes, they most likely will not return.

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