Monday, December 11, 2006

Travel by Train

Previous post, I've decided to put together my stories during those times I spent in Chiang Mai just for the fun memory of it. I hope that I someday will be able to put all this stuff together as an edited book or my personal diary about life there in general. Back in Thailand, all these stuff have already been documented by me in a diary, but they are so random--more kind of a thought. I hope that this time, I can generate ideas much better. Back then, most of stuff I wrote about had a lot to do with puppy love and all.

I paste this picture on the right hand in this blog because there, at Chiang Mai train station, was the first place in Chiang Mai I set my feet on. Just like any other train station, not much to talk about. But before I jump into other things, traveling to Chiang Mai by trained is considered (to me) as the best way to get to Chiang Mai--ever! See, the thing is that traveling north in Thailand is something that you must experience at least once. If you choose wisely, most scheduled trains will leave BKK in the late evening and that will reach Chiang Mai around 8-9 in the morning--allowing you times to sleep and enjoy what you can see over the window. I usually catch this AC train--the one you can actually lay down and sleep--at 8pm. At times if I travel alone, I will bring my pocket book, read some, then head to bed. By the time I get up around 6:30 or 7, I will sit up and enjoy all the mountains and stuff like that. Then boom! Chiang Mai. It's never been a boring trip to me--never ever. I don't mind spend several hours for a trip up north because for the price I paid, I got what I want and the money is well spent.

Northern part of Thailand is very rich in cultures and natural resources. When traveling by train, you can slowly feel that vibe (and I'm not kidding!) You can slowly see the changes in scenary, scent and basically what you see when the train is approaching its destination. People nowadays are so spoiled by wanting everything to be quick, but forget to appreciate little things that even though not so convenient, but offers a lot more than one can expect.


Melissa said...

Nice thoughts there...
I love travelling by train in Thailand. Somehow I always sleep so well (I find those train bunks so comfy!).
I never took the train to Chiang Mai, but I did drive there once (from Sisaket) - long drive!

EVnoott said...

When I was a kid, I used to go to chiang Mai every summer and spent all the time there during school break.

Each summer, I did different thing there. One time, I took a summer class and made some new friends who were local. They taught me to speak local language but it just wasn't my thing. I could understand them a little but couldn't speak in their accent at all. I also used to take gymnastic class but it didn't work out well coz I was too scared jumping and rolling in the air at the same time.

Most of the time, I hung out in the bicycle gang in my neibourhood. We ride around and had adventure, exploring the world.

Huh...Good old time...

Damn! Am I getting old?

Pondering said...

I actually don't dislike the idea of driving either, but it's just I prefer not sitting on one spot for a long time. From BKK to Chiang Mai isn't a long route at all, it's just that the roads aren't that.......what should I say here?