Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Phone Call(s)

Inspired by Melissa (hey! I've gotta give you credit for this!)

I've been missing for a few days due to lack of sleep, too many activities and too many rediculous phone calls made by me and yes, I hope you know why.

I'm trying to avoid talking about this topic you know since I'm not very proud of it. With too many beers, I'm usualy chill. With too many vodka and whatever the hell I end up mixing it with, I'm usually hyper, dramatic and yes, turning out to be a psycho freak dialing to people I have something smart to say--which usually sounds great and awesome at the moment. I usually feel like a rocket scientist when finish leaving messages to those individuals. Mission accomplished at after 3 in the morning.

I haven't done that for so long ever since I left college. At the time in college, my friends and I did that a lot and it was pretty cute back then since everybody we called usually were students and most likely, they were still pretty much awake at those weird hours. These drunken calls were topics of redicule the day after and that was all. But since I am no longer in college, I find these calls pretty much a shame to my family--something maybe I shouldn't do it at all. But hey! this Saturday night, it's back baby! Starting off at a restaurant, my first drink (well and only drinks) was a perfect screwdriver (vodka and OJ and whatever flavour the bartender was putting in the glass.) Vodka never in the history makes me sick, so I was all happy..drinking and well drinking. Fast forward to a few hours later, I knew I had made some phone calls and to make a long story short, that was the only thing I pretty much remember.

This morning, I headed to Muncie for my sister's graduation..half hung over. I have received several calls from supposingly those I called last night asking what the hell was wrong with me. So many apologies later, I couldn't come up with any excuse to make. Only...I'm sorry I was wasted. That has been my reason so far. Well, that was the only one anyway, lol.


Melissa said...

hahaha Oh man I feel for you! One person I called on Friday night I ended up saying how miserable was my life and crying, another person was a guy I went out with a couple times who for some reason I decided was blowing me off so I called him drunk mad and left text message, then a couple more calls just being stupid. I hate it man, I was cringing with embarassment for 48 hours! Awful awful awful!

Pondering said...

I'm so glad we are on the same boat Melissa!! I've got friends...yippie..

So I basically have apologized to some of those whom I called. Some I skipped..never did since I really meant what I said on the phone so I just pretended it never happened. Lots of incidents like this. I hope to blog more and build some fan clubs. lol