Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Problem

I've been so frustrated today, knowing I really have a problem.

I remembe someone once said to me that I have a problem maintaining a subtle lifestyle. When something goes really well for a certain period of time, I start to freak and look for something challenging. Frankly, I am always looking for troubles. When something is right there for me..spoon-fed kinda thing, I tend to skip it and look at it as a boring-I-can-get-it-whenever-I-want sort of mentality. When 'that thing' starts to move and seems out of reach, that's when I feel the 'desire' to obtain it. What's wrong with me?

It's like there is a piece of candy laying on the table in front of me (which isn't my favorite flavour,) I will not really care about it. But once someone start reaching for that candy, I at the same time, start feeling like "no! that's mine. It's laid in front of me and I don't want to give it away." All of the sudden, I want that candy even though I know in my heart, I will not eat it once it belongs to me. Yeah...what's wrong with me?

This mentality has bugged me throughout the day and beated the crap out my my head. Do I have a problem?


why me? said...

I guess your problem is unviersal. In Thai we call it "Mah huang Kang". We don't eat the kang anyway but there is a temptation there to own it, right? Please don't worry to much. Imagine it even occurs in a sales season: when someone grabs a so-so or ugly shirt from a big pile, we will suddenly thing it's quite cool. But if no one touches it, it is still so-so and ugly. No worry for this, it could happen to anyone. And it is a unisex thing too!

Pondering said...

Good to hear I am not alone. lol