Friday, December 08, 2006


What not to like about Indianapolis?

Some native Indy have asked me this question before--over and over. They believe it is a great city to live, a great place to raise kids, a great place to build your savings, well, a great place all around.

Aside from a cold/ brutal winter (which I'm not gonna complain about it anymore...well for a while,) yes, Indy is a reasonable city to enjoy life since it's averagely considered a low-cost-of-living city. When friends and family in Thailand ask me about Indy, my first reaction is usually, "oh! cheap town to live." and it usually ends as that. Nope, it's not like I don't have anything to say further, but I believe any other decent size of towns in the US is probably the same--lots of restaurants, bars, colleges and so on. Speaking of this stuff, Indianapolis traffic is similar to Bangkok. There is a so-called 'downtown' but the actually town is really spreading out. There isn't really one place to hang--they are pretty much everywhere. Unlike Chicago, they are all stuff in its downtown area, but here, things are all over the place. We have this cool 465 highway that basically goes around the outside loop of the whole city and that you can take your exit close to the destination. Since I'm not a big of Hwy person (hate the fact that if something happens, I will get stuck there with no gas station or nothing.) 465 isn't that important to me.

I still live a pretty good life here with everything I need (well except some rare Thai stuff.) So people still wondering, "what's not to like about Indianapolis?" It's none (again, aside from crappy winter.) I love Indy. I feel safe here. But I still keep saying this phrase everyday during winter time, "What am I doing here? I've gotta move somewhere warm!"

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