Monday, December 25, 2006

Mor Chor

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So yeah...I have lots of...I mean bunches of photos of Chiang Mai and CMU, but since last time I went back to Thailand, I took them all back there and now I am left with nothing.
When I think about it, there are a whole bunch of reasons out there why I'm so fond of this college. Aside from all academic craps, there are those memories, friends and puppy loves (yes, it's plural my friends lol) behind CMU fence. These factors have shaped me to who I have become. Until now, still cannot imagine who I would have turned to be without all those memories and experiences I haven't exactly left behind this northern college. It is too bad that I don't have some of those pictures handy so that they can be shared. One of those memories I have is about my life's biggest crush ever. Well, my first love, to be exact. Because of this guy, I know what love is and all those years to get me over him. Man, I wish I have the picture. Everytime I think about, it never fails to give me a major heartache. It's been almost a decade now, but hell, I still remember every bit of it. To make it sound even cheesier, that's why we call it first love--something you will remember forever. (At this point I realize if I will write about this guy, it will take up several blogs to complete the whole senario so I will skip it this time.) The guy played a major part of my college life. He happened to be my college brother (so here, I don't know what I'm supposed to call that พี่รหัส in English with my minimal vocab knowledge.)
CMU has a lot to offer. I didn't realize that back in 1995 or..1996 when I first found out the result of that born-hell entrance examination. I wasn't very excited. I was so damn disappointed and nervous to live outside BKK. Back then, my knowledge of Chiang Mai was very minimal. I was thinking there was nothing there except a few cows, and I mean, literally. Waiting around with all other BKK freshies at Hualumpong Train Station definitely made me feel even worse. We are talking about the third-class/no AC/ no fancy services in the 90s of Thailands\'s train with tons of strangers here. The girl that sat in front of me in the train kept on crying the whole time missing her boyfriend (now remember this girl, there are more into it.) The girl who sat right by me practically did the same thing, crying her ass off due to homesick. By the time I realize it, the surrounding atmosphere was so damn depressing. I didn't see any bright and shine at all during this trip to the upcountry. I could have already told that my life experience would have gone down hill from there. Back then, nobody used mobile phone just yet, so here there were--pagers. Imagine you were traveling somewhere (and you know you would hate it already) and there was this beep beep thing going off every single 5 minutes from someone's boyfriend. Now you definitely hated it. While immersing myself with this whole depressing girl, those upperclass men started walking around our aisle, announcing upcoming activities. I suspected we wouldn't be able to get any sleep at all (well even though you probably couldn't sleep anyway due to extreme dehydration and depression.) Right there, just about time, there was this guy--long hair, nicely-framed glassed with ripped jeans and t-shirt walking by me smiling. I have never found someone so fascinating in my life! (remember? I was 16 then) I felt it was the love at first sight. I felt my purpose of going to Chiang Mai has at all changed. My feeling was upbeated. I started loving my trip. With all the exhaustion and all, We finally..................................................(will blog more later..sorry)


EVnoott said...

Were you only 16 in your freshmen year? That's so young!

I can't imagine how some one can fall in love at first sight. He must be handsome!

I like this kind of story. Will wait for the next episode.

Pondering said...

No. Actually no, he isn't handsome or even a good-looking to other people, but to me, he is. The guy has plenty of personalities. I will blog more about him later.

Yes, I was a freshman at 16 since I skipped the 12th grade. Pretty young.