Saturday, December 30, 2006

The First Love-Part One

Rewinding almost 13 years ago, it must have been love.

As cheesy as it sounds, it was love at first sight while riding the train to Chiang Mai as a freshie. The gracious look of the guy had changed on whole perspective of going to Chiang Mai and would be there for another 4 years. My heart was pumping and it had never been like that before. I knew I wanted to find out more of who he was--that skinny long-hair guy with ripped jeans (well FYI: back then, I was so into that long hair/hippie/ artistic/ music kinda guy, which well considered cool-as-hell. Again, back then.)

So I didn't know his name and basically knew nothing about the guy. All I knew was I wanted to get to know him somehow. As far as I was concern, he was marching back and forth in my bogie for a while, so chances were, he would have to be in my faculty, which put my chance into a great spot for a starter. The thing was that, my faculty--faculty of humanity--consisted of countless of departments like French, mass comm, philosophy, psychology and the list goes on. So we were talking about fishing here my friends. How was I supposed to get to know the guy by the way. I didn't talk to him at all nor knowing his name or even nickname. I was praying for the best--a great fluke. I got off the train and went on with my little orientation.

During out initial pledge (I don't even know what it's called, but you know those seniors/freshies torturing craps after school?) CMU had a heavy one for freshies. Lots of exercises, walking, running, sweating and all those torturing stuff, but hell, I was tough. I had this can-do attitude, so whatever the seniors wanted me to do and did it with no excuse (this will be included in another blog. I want to blog about this hot guy now.) Anyway, during that time, I started seeing more of him. The guy seemed to be around a lot during our activities stuff and one night, he introduced himself to us, freshies, as a sophomore in my department. Bingo! it felt just like I had won a lottery. He was in my department and only a year older. Man, how can I be so lucky. The thing was that after a few months long of stuff I had been through, there was this one night............................sorry, will blog more.


Anonymous said...

you sounds like Dan Brown as you has got me wondering what next? And Oh.. Happy New Year ja. It has been a few minute of 2007 already in Thailand. Lov u.- p veena

OakMonster said...

Awww come on!!!!


Happy New Year!

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