Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hating' the Immatures

I hate those immature people.

You know, those who doesn't age well--mentally. Those who are over 25 and act/ think like they are 12. I just hate them. Most people I know will recommend me to get over it. 'Immature will always be immature if they aren't willing to change.' That's right. Some say, 'Oh! don't sweat over small stuff. If they wanna be immature, let them be. Who cares!" That's right too. But heck! it bugs the shit out of me. That I probably need to get over myself.

Today, I've faced an immature bastard who couldn't handle rejections. The dude wanted to hear only stuff he wanted to hear, so when I said something he didn't expect to hear, he got all immature about it. What does it mean when I say he was acting all immature?

Mature people would have: Talk it out. Have a civil conversation. Express self nicely.
Immature dude: Decide to give me a silence treatment. Refuse to discuss how he feels.

See, the thing is that, him and I have been through this before over and over. I'm all about giving people second chance and stuff, but when the same craps have happened after several talks, I start getting sick of it. This time I have changed. I won't go above and beyond trying to explain myself anymore. Why? Why do people have to be so childish?

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