Monday, December 04, 2006

Uncomfortable Situation

I have heard people say that business is business. Once you are in a business, it should strictly stay that way.

I believe it is true.

But it isn't easy when I actually have to do it you know. This guy owns a restaurant I work, part-time. He is a very nice guy and is basically a good friend to everybody including me. I look up at him and always think of him as a brother, so do everybody. The thing is that in the past few months, business hasn't been doing really good. There hasn't been a whole lot of ups, but multiple downs. A few weeks back, I started catching up with a few things and realize how bad restaurant financial is. I'm talking about the guy can't even afford to pay his employees.

What make me mad is that: as much as of a nice guy he is, what he has been doing isn't very nice. He writes bad checks and not even bothers to let anyone know. He can't afford to pay his chef, his waitresses, his prep and even his rent. End up, nobody has got paid yet in the past month and everybody is frustrating. When this matter has been brought up to him, the guy gets real personal and upset. He doesn't get it. He feels that he is in a bad situation and nobody cares about him. I listen to him raving about his for a while, thinking, even though I feel bad for you, but it is your business and that your employees must get paid. Period. It's just the way it is. His restaurant isn't my resource of income, so it doesn't affect me, but it is the only income for the rest of his employees. They have to pay bills, don't they. Of course, he doesn't really get it.

I think his main problem is his lifestyle in general that cost so much money. The guy lives in high life and does things like a high roller. He has three cars, a house, an apartment and some craps that he doesn't even need it. How can you afford to maintain your business if all the money you make only go straight to support your luxury life. I just can't see it.

Now I am counting my checks. Got 5 total and worth about $1500. They are just pieces of worthless paper now, aren't they. lol


EVnoott said...

The situation must have been worse for those who work illegally. I know many restaurants in LA that hire these people and the owners just don't pay!

People are like slave there, can't complain, can't sue, can't do anything but keep on working unless they will be arrested and sent home.

Man! life is so unkind.

Melissa said...

That guy is crazy...he can't expect his employees to take the hardship of his financial mismanagement! Oh my gosh, I would kick his ass no matter how nice he is!

Melissa said...

Oh and I have to say too...
Last year I owned my own business, I only had one employee but I always always paid her before me. So even when things were tough she got paid, but maybe not me!

Pondering said...

I know.

Lots of my friends don't think he is that nice anymore, lol.